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Summit Public Schools - Tahoma
San Jose, CA
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Julissa's Story

My passion is helping others.

Throughout middle school I participated in leadership. I enjoyed being in charge of organizing events or participating in volunteering. I have gained a lot of experience of how to organize events and fund raise. I learned that I loved helping people, and working with others in creating events that will bring our community closer together.

I think that National Teen Leadership Program will be a great experience for me because I am almost done with high school. By attending the program, I will also be able to meet new people who seek the same interest as me and have interest in making a difference.

A Note from Ms. Richey, Julissa's Mentor

"Julie will both learn from and offer many qualities to the National Teen Leadership Program. The balance between when to lead and when to seek input from others will benefit her significantly.

Additionally, Julie will be a great addition to the program because of the joy she brings to everything she does. Julie seeks to create a fun, open space with her peers. I have seen her reach out to other new students to encourage them to feel comfortable in our mentor group. Julie is both thoughtful and passionate and will bring these qualities to the National Leadership Program as she engages her intellectual curiosity to explore new leadership strategies."

Campaign Activity
Julissa posted an update
June 7
Thank you

I am so excited that I will be able to attend the National Teen Leadership program this summer! I am excited to participate in conferences, advance my leadership skills and getting to meet new people. At my school we don't have that many clubs related to focusing on leadership so this will be very exciting for me. Through this program I will advance my leadership, and working with others skills. I chose this program because in middle school I had attended a leadership conference and remember that it was a memorable moment in my educational career.

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April 20
vivian mark donated $50
April 20

Praise God to guide you to set a goal n a positive attitude to develop yourself. . U also set a wonderful model to your siblings n your friends .....

Louise Richey and Cameron Bowen donated $50
April 20

Hope you have a great experience!

Yesenia Romero donated $25
April 20
Adolfo & Patty Lomeli donated $25
April 20

Good luck mama bella! We know u will do great in whatever u put ur mind to!!

Sandra Moreno donated $50
April 20
#wishbonesummer donated $100
April 11
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April 7
National Teen Leadership Program
National Teen Leadership Program donated $50
April 7
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April 7
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