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Business & Law
Uncommon Collegiate Charter High School
New York City, New York
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Navajah's Story

My passion is acting. When I was about 10 years old, I realized I wanted to pursue acting. Doing Education Unlimited Mock Trial would help me become more professional and be able to do more serious things as far as acting. This program will give me further knowledge upon law and increase my ability to do acts that are more of a professional manner. Doing acts like this would be a fun and interesting experience for me and might increase my love for law. This could also increase my love for acting and make me want to pursue acting as a career later on in my life.

A Note from Ms. Everhart, Navajah's Counselor

I truly believe Navajah is a terrific candidate for Education Unlimited Mock Trial as she will be able to explore her passion. Navajah has explored her passion by community service and participating in extracurricular activities on campus. Through this opportunity, Navajah can experience her future career choice at such a young age and have an advantage when applying to college in three short years.

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Success! Ms. Everhart helped Navajah raise $2,965
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Navajah, Continue putting the hard work in and it will pay off. Good Luck pursuing your passion.

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