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Kareem's Story

My passion is entrepreneurship.

I've always wanted to own my own business, help my family and community, and be successful in any activity I partake in. Over the summer of 2014, I was able attend an internship on Randall's Island located in New York City through the non-profit organization Triskeles. I worked on a farm that grew natural fruits, plants, and vegetables without any poisonous spray. My experience helped me realize that the world needs to utilize more eco-friendly farming practices. When I get older, I want to own an organization that will help people get involved in eco-friendly activities.

Attending Georgetown Institutes: Entrepreneurship will help me develop my passion through dedication and hard work. Here, I will implement any and all tools necessary that are available to me in order to achieve my goals in becoming a successful entrepreneur. I will also seek out expert experience and take advice from students that are currently enrolled in the program while on campus at Georgetown.

A Note from Mr. Cocce, Kareem's Mentor

"As Kareem's big brother, we spend a considerable amount of time together. As a result, I can personally attest to his passion for pursuing his dreams of being an entrepreneur. Kareem and I have spent time discussing his desire to start his own consulting firm, which would specialize in assisting companies in reducing their carbon foot print and promoting "green" practices within their firm. I believe this is an admirable dream for a high school student who is not only recognizing an issue we are currently facing, but has a logical and practical solution to help solve it.

Kareem is a very hardworking, intelligent, and passionate individual who has a desire to push himself beyond his boundaries. He will benefit from this program by getting the opportunity to take courses that are not currently available at his high school while experiencing a new and challenging environment. I also believe the opportunity to travel beyond his local geography of New York City would be an added bonus to his education."

Campaign Activity
Kareem posted an update
September 11
My Life-changing summer at Georgetown

I would first like to take this time out to say thank you, thank you for granting me the opportunity to attend the Georgetown Entrepreneurship program. My family and I are very grateful that I was allotted the chance to embark on a once in a lifetime chance to expand my educational horizons. This program has introduced me to many ways to become a successful entrepreneur. This program has also introduced me to the college lifestyle. I and other scholars in the program were able to attend classes every morning and during the day. I am also grateful for the fact that I was able to obtain some free time during the evenings which included going to the gym, hanging out with friends around the campus, and going to study hall.

During my time at Georgetown, I met a variety of CEO‘s owning their own businesses. Most of these CEO’s were from non- profit organizations and small profit businesses. There were also a host of guest speakers which at that time had taught me and the other scholars how to network and gather some of their secrets on how to become successful entrepreneur. During my stay, I was given, along with other scholars, different projects, but there was a main project for our class to complete, which was to make a startup company with a couple of peers and try to expose it to society in 2 days. The outcome of this project was very helpful.

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Good luck, Kareem!

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Georgetown changed my life. Hope you get the funding and it helps you achieve your dreams too!

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Best of luck, Kareem!

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Good luck Kareem!

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"Reach for the stars, in order that you may land on the moon."

Best of luck!

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Good luck on all your future endeavors! Reach for your dreams!

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