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Liberal Arts
Theodore Roosevelt Senior High School
Los Angeles, CA
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Karley's Story

My passion is criminal justice.

Imagine that someone close to you, someone you love, becomes a victim of homicide. Imagine the pain, the anger, and the sorrow, and then imagine the frustration of not knowing who did it and why. I’m from Los Angeles, California, where there are about 8,000+ unsolved homicide cases, some dating all the way back to the 1960s. Criminal investigators dedicate their lives to solving crimes and catching criminals. For this reason, criminal investigation is what I love.

After watching my first CSI episode, I was hooked. Solving crimes and catching criminals is how I want to spend the rest of my life. My sole purpose for wanting to be a criminal investigator is to help the families by giving them closure. In order to achieve this dream, I will attend Blueprint Summer at Lehigh University this summer, where I will take classes in forensics. Then, I will graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Science by 2020 and will get experience in the field by applying for internships. This is my dream and I will not give up until I have achieved it.

A Note from Mr. Roberson, Karley's Mentor

"Karley is the definition of resilience. She has chosen to move forward and pursue her passions when most other people would have given up after facing the constant stream of challenges that she has had to overcome. This past summer, Karley’s life finally settled down as she has moved in with her aunt, who is involved with College Track and Karley's school. There has been a noticeable shift in Karley; you can see her spark being lit again. Her academics are strong and she is taking advantage of opportunities around her to do what she loves. I couldn’t be more proud of her.

Karley deserves all the opportunities in the world. If accepted, I know she will be fully committed to participating in the Blueprint Summer at Lehigh University program. Through her participation, she will have the opportunity to meet other passionate students and build a community of people who value her. Karley is incredibly intelligent and thoughtful; this opportunity will challenge her in a positive way, allowing her to further develop her potential and provide a space where she can transform her passions into action."

Campaign Activity
Karley posted an update
June 25
Countdown to an unforgettable summer at UCLA

This summer I will be attending UCLA: Forensic Science. This program will last two incredible weeks at the University of California Los Angeles, a school with a fantastic science program. In this program, I will meet people from across the United States and learn how to collaborate with other people and create new friends. At UCLA, I will engage in a course that investigates the start of criminology and forensic science. Also, we will be able to learn about crime scenes, blood splatter, and solve cases! I am attending program for my love of science and for wanting justice in this world. Forensic Science is the scientific method of gathering and examining information about the past which is then used in a court of law to prove if a suspect is innocent or guilty. Around the area I live in, I noticed that there many homicides that have been unsolved, and that needs to change. People should be aware of what happened to these people and their families. This program will give me the head start I need in helping families like these ones.

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