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Liberal Arts
Francis T. Maloney High School
Meriden, CT
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Maha's Story

My passion is nursing.

When I was younger, my grandmother was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. While I wasn't close with her at all as she went in and out of hospitals and nursing home so did I. Each time we went, I noticed the tireless work ethic and passion put in by nurses. I even befriended a couple of nurses and talked to them about their job. Now as my sister is in nursing school, I get a look at what its like from a personal standpoint, while it is hard and tiring it is something that I am interested in pursuing. I believe that with hard work I can be successful and benefit from UConn's Pre-College Summer Program program.

A Note from Mrs. Cohen, Maha's Mentor

Maha is a wonderful young woman. She is extraordinarily polite and respectful, a leader in our school community, a scholar-athlete, and is very committed to going to college. She would really like to attend Uconn, and has had family members graduate there, so I believe that an opportunity to study in the Pre-College Summer Program would help further her confidence that she could belong there. I also believe that meeting other young people with her drive and desire to be a nurse would be informational and inspirational for her. It is always a great experience to come together with people that have similar goals and aspirations, and I believe that this Pre-College opportunity would be a perfect opportunity for this kind of work and connection-making.

Campaign Activity
Maha posted an update
May 9
Pre-Attendance Update

I am going to be attending the UCONN Pre-College Summer Program. I am extremely eager to be starting this program as I believe it will only add to the great interest in nursing. I believe there is so much to be gained in this program and it will give me deeper insight into the daily life and the tremendous responsibility of a nurse. Additionally, I am excited to meet peers that have the same interests as I do and make new friends who have the same work ethic and career goals, as it will only keep me more motivated. This program is perfect for me because it will give the perfect tools for career readiness and be a deciding factor on whether or not this will be something I will spend the rest of my life doing.

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May 4
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May 3

I think you would make a fantastic nurse <3

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You deserve this amazing experience!

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