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Fine Arts
Impact Academy of Arts and Technology
Hayward, CA
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Flor's Story

My passion is photography.

I discovered my passion for photography when I first got my iPod device, but even before that I would always look at old family pictures and thought it was amazing how a picture can tell a whole other story. I love capturing moments like city lights, buildings, nature, or taking pictures with my friends or family to remember that specific time. I also really like showing my pictures to my friends because they think it's cool how I'm able to capture something in a different way that allows them to view it from another point of view.

Attending the Academy of Arts Summer Pre-College Art Experience will help me not only explore my passion but also improve it because I would really like to learn appropriate skills for certain cameras. This program will also allow me identify what I would like to do in my future because for me, my future is still undecided.

A Note from Ms. Benedetto, Flor's Teacher

"I have had the pleasure of getting to know Flor as her teacher this year, and can state with much certitude that she is rare in the depth of her intellectual curiosity as well as in her drive for personal growth and creative expression.

Flor is passionate about learning more about photography, and she is gleeful at the possibility of enrolling in this summer program so she can, "learn how to use the real instruments of photography, instead of just relying on my phone." She is so deserving of this program, as the passion and the incredible positivity that she will bring to the program will be just as much of a gift to others as this opportunity will be for her."

Campaign Activity
Flor posted an update
August 8
Thank you.

Thank you for all the support throughout this summer. Without your help and kindness I would've never been able to be part of such a great opportunity. Attending the Academy of Art University's Pre-College Experience program allowed me to realize my strengths and weakens within art throughout my three classes.

I absolutely loved my photography class, and I was able to improve my photography skills throughout a variety of exciting assignments. For my photography final, I had a choice of my theme, which were flowers with color water drops. I was required to take as many pictures as possible in order to get a great result for my final. Thanks to my professor John, I will be able to be an intern with one of his colleges in order to fulfill my school's requirements and learn more about photography throughout my upcoming school year.

In my illustration class, I was able to learn different techniques about illustration, like telling a story, making it simple, using ink, watercolor paint etc. For my illustration final, we were required to create our own tarot card that represented my imagination but that still included characteristics from the original card. Throughout this project, I loved how I was able to include the characteristics of the card's meaning in a different way than it would've been normally shown.

Lastly, in my character design class I learned and talked a lot about a variety of characters since it was a character design class. But throughout this class I lacked imagination, it wasn't as natural as in my other classes. Even though I struggled with my creativity, I was still able to design a set of characters for the Little Red Riding Hood and Peter Pan. For my character design final, we were required to recreate or create our own characters based on our imagination or a story. I decided to go with the story of Peter Pan but changing things up and making them all fairies.

These classes were such an eye opener to realize my strengths, weakness, and what I would love to keep working on in the future. Not only was I able to learn more about art this summer but I was also able to get a sneak peek into the real world and what college would be. I learned how to take care of myself when nobody was there to look over me since I was required to transit on my own by taking bus and Bart to get to San Francisco. Because I had to transit four days a week I had to use my money wisely and still make sure I had enough to get to school and back home. Thank you once again for the opportunity to figure out my future. I will always be thankful for those of you who helped because without you I wouldn't have had the chance to improve and educate myself during the summer.

I would like to give special thanks to two of my amazing teachers Abby and Mrs. Chamberlain-Engel for all support. Abby, thank you for helping me and encouraging me throughout the Wishbone process. Mrs. Chamberlain-Engel, thank you for believing in me to aspire to be the best student I can be, I will keep on making both of you proud.

Love and lots appreciation,

Photography Final
Photography Final
Illustration Final
Illustration Final
Character Design Final
Character Design Final
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May 12
matthew leutwyler donated $161
May 12

Anyone that the Engel's say is worth supporting is well... worth supporting. Photography is what first pushed my creativity. I remember building a small darkroom in a bathroom in my childhood home and watching the images develop in front of my eyes. Your story brings back good memories. Good luck following your passion!

Annalisa Chamberlain Engel donated $25
May 12

I'm excited to be able to help you achieve your goals. You'll get there! Best of luck to you, Flor! ❤️

Michiko Hunt donated $20
May 4

Everyone should get the opportunity to explore their true potential. I hope this experience offers you just that. Best of luck!

Sara Benedetto donated $10
May 3
Greg R donated $50
May 3

Hope you enjoy the class!

leesa sonnichsen donated $10
May 2

Good luck!

Abigail Benedetto donated $25
May 2
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