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Brien McMahon High School
Norwalk, CT
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Tatiana's Story

My passion is soccer.

It wasn't really a passion that I got to discover. It was always more of a passion that I grew into. Growing up in a Hispanic family, I was EXPECTED to play soccer but it was my CHOICE to end up loving it. Growing up I played on the field as a striker and I enjoyed it but didn't exactly love it. Then one day my team happened to need a goalie and I was the only one to volunteer. I stepped into the goal and it felt like second nature to me. My natural hand-eye coordination is what made me excel at my position and once I found that talent I felt as though every time I practiced, I couldn't help but have fun doing it.

A Note from Mrs. Peckham, Tatiana's Coach

I have witnessed Tatiana’s dedication and talent firsthand. I believe that with one-on-one goalie training, she can be incredibly successful. She consistently seeks out opportunities to improve – including, but not limited to asking coaches to arrive early/stay late and help her train as well as training with another teacher (and former collegiate goal keeper).

Tatiana has the drive to be successful and realizes that she can use her athletic abilities to create a better future. She is self-driven which can be a rare find in students her age. Her family often struggles financially but Tati uses every available resource provided to her in order to make a better life for herself and her family.

Campaign Activity
Tatiana posted an update
July 13
My time at the US Nike Soccer Camp

After attending this camp, I can truly say that I have learned a lot of new things. Being able to work with the Sacred Heart keeper helped me learn a lot of new skills. Not only did this camp help me get back into soccer season, but it also gave me an idea of what college sports would be like. It was a great environment to be in and all the coaches were great! I'm so grateful for all the help everyone gave in order to make this possible for me!

Tatiana posted an update
May 3
New Opportunities

I will be participating in the US Nike Soccer Camp at Sacred Heart University this summer. I am really excited to attend this camp because it is a new opportunity that I have never gotten before. I feel that this camp will develop my goalkeeping skills, helping me reach my full potential.

I am looking forward to working with professional goalkeeping coaches because it is something I have never done before. I have chosen this camp because I have loved soccer ever since I was a young girl. I believe that this camp will help me follow my dream of continuing my soccer career in college.

Success! Mrs. Peckham helped Tatiana raise $695
April 9
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April 9

Good Luck!!!

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April 9
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April 7

Good luck!!

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April 7

I am proud of you!

-Coach J

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April 4

Go Tatiana and Go Coach Bowley!

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April 4
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March 23

Dream big, kid

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March 23

Keep up the hard work!!! You're going to go far!

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March 23
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March 23

So excited for you Tati!!! Can't wait to see what you learn!

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March 23
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March 23
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