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Business & Law
Hill Regional Career High School
New Haven, CT
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martha's Story

My passion is law.

The way I discovered law was by watching my favorite movie Legally Blonde. The movie perfectly portrayed the meaning of law. The movie symbolized law in every way and chronologically showed us what steps you need to take in order to become a professional lawyer. The way I discovered myself as gaining a vast amount of interest into this specific job area was researching information on law and watching different shows that consists of law.Also I want to conclude that I shadow at a high school that contained strong law programs and the school also included an area where there was a court and how the students can solve cases.This is how I discovered my passion for law.

A Note from Mr. Werth, martha's Teacher

Throughout the time I have known Martha, she has always been a very driven student. Her outgoing personality and determination to succeed are just a few of her strengths. She has an understated ability to comprehend and analyze information and this is evident through her daily participation in class. From day one Martha had expressed to me that she had become extremely interested in studying law. I encouraged Martha to explore this field a bit more to gain a full understanding of what she would be undertaking. Being her Social Studies teacher, I have witnessed Martha's comprehensive research skills and I can attest to the fact that she is advanced in this area compared to most students her age. Through independent study and self advocacy, Martha learned more about her passion. She is the type of student who will not let anything stand in her way until her goal is met.

The NSLC Intelligence & National Security program will provide Martha with the tools she needs to take that next step forward in maturing as a student and a person. Additionally, it will provide her with an opportunity to become more independent and learn to trust herself when making major decisions.

Campaign Activity
martha posted an update
September 15
Washington D.C

During my 6 day stay I went to see the monuments at night I had an amazing experience! I enjoyed myself and wish to do it again. I met the vice president of the U.S I saw the lincoln memorial and the vietnam memorial and I visited awesome museums. Most important is that I learned more about myself. I took risk I met others who are just like me and there my good friends I still have contact with them I was myself and it was the greatest experience and I want to say thank you! To my advocate he helped me get there and I'm thankful.

martha posted an update
May 9
''The Law is Reason Free from Passion''

I will be participating in the law field this summer. I'm exceedingly excited to join this program because it gives me the full experience to learn my passion. I feel as if the school that I'm currently attending doesn't provide strong law programs and or classes. There aren't many opportunities to learn my future career the only way I study and learn the background for my passion in the law field is by reading books and watching certain debates on Tv. This is the only way I can learn what I want to be when I'm older. I personally think that this program will help me achieve my goals to become a lawyer. I'm definitely looking forward to collaborating with others who are inspired in the same career I want to learn. I choose this program because I heard that it offers very strong law programs I have loved law when I first watch the movie Legally Blonde, participating in this program will help me think about if I really want to take up law in my adult life and I can't wait for the summer to begin.

martha posted an update
April 24
The Law is Reason Free From Passion

I will be participating in the law field this summer. I'm so thrilled to be participating in the NSLC program because it gives me an opportunity to pursue my passion for law. My school does not have law programs or classes. The research that I do outside of school is the only way I can learn more about law. From my point of view the NSLC program will help me achieve my goals and pursue my passion. I will be meeting and collaborating with people I've never met before and that are interested in the same career that I want to take up in the future. I want to include why I specifically chose this program because ever since I watched Legally Blonde, it inspired me to take on the career of becoming a professional lawyer. Participating in the NSLC program will help me in the future and will help me start and finish my goal to have a career in law.

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