Leah has applied to attend Brown University Summer@Brown this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Liberal Arts
Successfully funded on January 31st, 2013!
Fully funded!
$2,200 raised
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Leah's Story

Psychology has fascinated Leah since she was too young to know what the word meant. This summer she has the chance to study her favorite subject at a world-class university.

Campaign Activity
Success! Leah's campaign raised $2,200
January 31
Anonymous donated $690
January 31
P A Nicholls donated $10
May 22

Hi Leah, May the Lord order your steps to many great experiences. The Best Is Yet To Come!
Your Mom's colleague and friend, Pat Nicholls

Faunya Estrada donated $135
May 16

Hi Leah,

I wish you the best of luck in this summer program at Brown University. Take full advantage of all they have to offer. Congratulations!

-Faunya :-)

Flor Delgado donated $50
May 11

te amo chiquita mia.... love mom

Edwin Collazo donated $25
May 10
Wade Cohn donated $25
May 8
Deb Walkup donated $50
May 7
Amanda Grace donated $100
May 4
Flor Delgado donated $50
May 3

Se que esta experiencia te ayudara mucho a seguir creciendo como persona. Eres una buena niña, te conozco poco pero e aprendido a quererte. Buena suerte at Brown.

Flor Delgado donated $50
May 1

Good luck at Brown; from Miguelito and Alberto Delgado :)

Janette Delgado donated $100
April 29

We hope you learn a lot from this experience. Your family supports you all the way!

Anonymous donated $25
April 27
Nalini Mahabalam donated $10
April 27

Hi Leah, Enjoy your time at Brown University. All the best.

Flor Delgado donated $10
April 27

Good Luck at Brown

Anonymous donated $25
April 27
Yvonne Ramirez donated $50
April 26
Robert Friedman donated $50
April 26

Good luck!

Emma L Vizcarra donated $50
April 26

I am proud of you Leah ... and I know you dream will come true ... Love

Tzippy Zuber- Schwartz donated $75
April 26
Albert Stulman donated $25
April 26
kim huynh donated $100
April 26

Good luck in your pursuits at Brown.
-Kim H.

Andrea Rafael donated $25
April 26

Best of luck Leah and enjoy the program!

Jacqueline Scott donated $25
April 26
Jeremie Peterkin donated $50
April 26
savannah collazo donated $100
April 25

Hi Leah, this is your sister Savannah. I miss you and love you and I hope you get into the college . I wish you the Best and always remember that I'll always love you.
Your lil sis

Flor Delgado donated $50
April 24


Tyler Peterson donated $10
March 17
Lindsay MIrchin donated $25
March 14
Anonymous donated $200
March 13

Brown is an excellent school! Enjoy your summer there!

Anonymous donated $10
March 12