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Environmental & Outdoors
MSTMA at Roosevelt High School
Los Angeles, California
Successfully funded on April 25th, 2018!
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Erick's Story

I discovered a passion for hiking through Students Run Los Angeles. In my school, this program also came with a hiking component. Through both programs, I developed a deep passion for physical and mental preparation. In order to complete the hikes and the LA marathon, it required a lot of mental and physical strength. Thanks to the physical and emotional stability I gained through training, I was able to run the marathon in 4 hours and 56 minutes, in my first attempt at it. The passion and determination I had made me want to go to practice as often as possible. I did the same for all the hikes we went to. I made time to spend time outdoors and enjoy a trail or long hike up a mountain.

Attending Outward Bound would help me pursue my passion for hiking because of the intense work and exercise that comes with it. Hiking is something that after I did it for the first time I could not stop thinking about. A program like Outward Bound would be like a dream come true. Hiking is something that no matter how many times I do it reveals a new side of me. Hiking never gets old and no matter how long the experience is, I do my best to enjoy it to the fullest. A program like Outward Bound would allow me to deepen this passion and get a richer hiking experience.

A Note from Mr. Tapia, Erick's Coach

Erick is always the leader in every aspect. He is one of the most brilliant and kindhearted students that I have encountered in my career. He is an energetic, enthusiastic leader in all jobs of his class as well as voluntary activities held by school. Erick has an extremely amiable personality and is popular among his classmates as he shows great consideration and deep respect for others. On many occasions, he helps his classmates in various subjects. Being honest and hardworking, he demonstrates the best of behavior and excellent study habits.

I am very pleased to recommend Erick Avila for Outward Bound. I have watched this young man develop both academically and personally into a mature individual, ready in every way for his college years.

Campaign Activity
Erick posted an update
August 16
Outward bound was amazing

The program was incredible. I loved it all. Being able to sleep outdoors and seeing the world in a different light being able to see what an untouched earth looks like and how beautiful it was to be at the top of a mountain with our 40-pound bags at the end. Seeing my growth when at the beginning I couldn't walk more than a mile with the bag on. I am forever grateful for everything. This was truly a life-changing experience.

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March 16
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