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Technology & Engineering
Lighthouse Community Charter school
Oakland, CA
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Melanie's Story

My passion is engineering.

When I was IN 5th grade my science teacher told me that her and another adult weré gong to do a tech club which is about engineering and technology. It sounded cool, so I signed up and the first clases was cool because we learned about engeneering and how girls can also do engeneering not only man. When it das over the other adul said Tht they were going to hace tech club for summer ande I sighned up, it was also pretty awesome because we learned that we could use fríe to help us out in science.

Attending iD Tech Camps will help me explore my passión because then I can see if engeneering is a good thing for me ans that if I will really understand it. Also, if I can be godo at working with computarse, Lr making robots. If I am good at making robots than at my school I can go to competitivos. By attending this camp I will be able to get more knowledge and to make better my understanding of engeneering. Finally, this camp will help me throughout me applying to collages because if I am good at engeneering than I will apply to collages that have engeneering.

The biggest obstacle I hace faced was my school, because a lot of people make fun of me because I want to decome an engeneer and they think that it is better if man do it because it is a job for man only. IN order for me to overcome it I want to show them that they are wrong and that girls/women can do anything that man/boys can do. Also, they are going to know that no matter what there commentes are I am not going to let them to overcome my dream.

A Note from Ms. Cerefice, Melanie's Teacher

Melanie's passion for technology and engaging in topics that she is curious about is what ideally qualifies Melanie for this program. She thrives in all types of learning environments, but hands-on learning is especially engaging for her. The low teacher-student ratios will support her ability to ask questions to the professionals who are actually in the tech field. The STEM skill development will advance her already budding tech-savvy confidence. The project-based courses are also something that she is used to in our school, so she will excel in that arena.

Campaign Activity
Melanie posted an update
August 12
Thank you!

I would like to thank everyone who helped me find enough money in order to go to the program I wanted to go to, I got to meet really awesome people and I had a very great experience. Once again thank you so much!

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May 3

Melanie - Way to fight the stereotypes and pursue your passion!

Tawnya Dudash donated $25
April 28

Good luck Melanie! I am so happy you are interested in engineering!

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April 28

Melanie's always been a rock star. I'm always happy to her achieve her goals!

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