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Aquetzali's Story

My passion is medicine.

Growing up, I always liked helping children who are younger than me or just helping out my sister by watching my niece and nephew. When they hurt themselves playing, it brings me joy when I pretend to be a doctor and heal their injury, and they always going back to playing afterwards. Another thing that made me passionate was being exposed to a hospital, which made me more curious about the medical field. I started doing research and I learned about Pediatric Nursing and Surgical Nursing. Doing research on them made me desire to specialize in those two fields. I am mostly trying to aim to be a pediatric nurse more because I really love helping children and babies.

Attending Stanford Clinical Anatomy will help me be exposed to the medical field and introduce me to new medical instruments. It will help me learn more about the human body, how it functions, and what it needs to function. It will also help me learn to work with others who have the same passion as I do. Going to this program will help me step out of my comfort zone because usually I am a shy person when meeting new people. As a nurse I know that I will meet new people everyday and I know this program will teach me to be outgoing and not shy. This program will look amazing on my transcript and will make me look like a competitive candidate when applying to college.

A Note from Mrs. Bryan, Aquetzali's Teacher

From the beginning of my time working with Aquetzali she has expressed an interest in the Medical field. When we go on college visits, her questions to our hosts have a laser-like focus on what programs they have that lead to a career in medicine, and the recommended paths to get there. When reflecting on our times at various colleges, she thoughtfully critiques how that school can support her chosen path. Her temperament is that of a person who would really do well in the medical field and attending this Stanford Clinical Anatomy Summer Program will be a great step in her pursuit of that goal. Aquetzali has also been one of the most consistent and hard-working students I advise. Aquetzali is a warm and kind student who shouts out and encourages others who she sees doing good work in her classes. She deserves this opportunity to attend Stanford Clinical Anatomy Summer Program.

Campaign Activity
Aquetzali posted an update
August 30
Post Attendance Update

I would like to thank wishbone for giving me the opportunity to attend Standford's Clinical Anatomy Summer Program. I had so much fun at my program. At first, I was a bit intimidated by the material we were given, but I took this opportunity I was given and took advantage of it. We were given mini quizzes at the beginning of every morning and at first, I was not getting the best grades but after a while, I was able to find a method to study and get better scores. WIthout the help of Wishbone, I do not think I would have had the honor of attending this competitive program which honestly changed my life. I hope this experience will open many doors for me in the future. Thank you Wishbone!

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