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San Francisco, CA
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Damonee's Story

My passion is basketball.

When I was a little, my dad would always take me to the park to play basketball. He would say, "Look at my little basketball player!" He also told me that I would make it far in life if I continued to play and practice. To this day, I've followed his advice: I've been playing on a basketball team since 6th grade because my elementary did not have a basketball team. I am disappointed in myself because I couldn't try out this year due to an injury.

I really believe that PGC Essentials Camp will strengthen my skills and give me even more discipline. I know basketball it a hard sport, but it seems like it is my soul mate. PGC will help me develop my passion because it will teach me that basketball is more than running up and down the court and making shots: it's a sport that I benefit in many ways from playing.

A Note from Mr. Jones, Damonee's Mentor

"Damonee displays passion, persistence and motivation on a daily basis. She is an aspiring basketball player who would love to improve her skills. Damonee will be a founding varsity member of our high school basketball team, and she wants to start and leave a powerful legacy in the city of San Francisco. Damonee plays basketball every lunch and sometimes plays with the boys for better competition.

I believe Damonee will benefit from PGC because she can learn the fundamentals of basketball. Outside of basketball, I think she will learn from PGC by just being around other productive teenagers. She will also learn to be a better team member, including how to better listen to others and be assertive when trying to accomplish her goals."

Campaign Activity
Damonee posted an update
August 24
Thank you

Thank you for helping me get into my basketball camp. I want you to know I am so happy I had this chance to go to PGC because not only did I play basketball, I also learned that there is way more to the sport than playing on the court. For example, at PGC I learned that communication and spirit are key factors, and I wouldn't have ever known how important they were without this experience. So, thank you very much.

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April 2
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February 2