Diana has applied to attend Sacred Heart University Summer Pre-College: Health and Wellness Seminar this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Science & Medicine
Brien McMahon Center for the Global Studies
Norwalk, CT
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Diana's Story

My passion is medicine.

I discovered this passion seeing my brother sick a lot growing up. I went to him and felt around his forehead like I always saw my mother perform on my brother. Since then, he always called me his little doctor. As I grew up, I am still interested in everything about science and medicine. I am currently in Honors Biology and we started meiosis and researched a specific cancer. It's extremely interesting, and I know it's something I want to do my whole life.

Attending the Sacred Heart University Summer Pre-College: Health and Wellness Seminar will help me explore my passion because as of right now there aren't many ways for me to be able to really see my passion working. I watch Grey's Anatomy and play doctor games, but that is as close as I can get to working or merely observing medicine at work. The Sacred Heart program will help me explore things that I can't do now. There are many different fields in medicine, and before I go to college I want to have explored all the options that are offered and this programs will help me.

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