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Young Women's Leadership School - Bronx
New York City, New York
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Amilieyon's Story

My passions are dance and cultural studies.

When I was in the first grade, my passion for dance became known. In my school, I participated in dance classes daily where I began to love dance styles such as contemporary, modern, jazz, and ballet. I was also able to showcase my tremendous efforts several times in performances and recitals. Since then, I’ve done the same to try and maintain my deep admiration for dance. My admiration for dance has helped me express my feelings in movement and character and this opportunity would help me develop my skills.

Although AFS-USA Intercultural Program and dance may not seem compatible to many, I believe going to different regions of the world can help me gain knowledge on dance styles and cultures from many different places. Different cultures have certain ways that make them unique and diverse. Being away from my normal surroundings can offer me a wide variety of comprehension as to what exactly makes cultures so distinctive. This opportunity could also help me interact with people across the world and visit exciting landmarks.

A Note from Mr. Schanz, Amilieyon's Teacher

Amilieyon is a mature, inquisitive, and driven student. I have no doubts that she would benefit tremendously from being a part of AFS-USA Intercultural Programs. I have great admiration for Amilieyon because it is very clear she desires to know more about the world and experience all of the different aspects that comes along with that. I have confidence she would be able to handle any challenge or obstacle thrown her way because of her assertiveness. She is not shy in voicing her ideas or asking questions. And most importantly, she does it in a way that is respectful and thoughtful. This would be an experience that would better form her as a person, and make her the worldly, well-rounded individual I know she know desires to be.

Campaign Activity
Amilieyon posted an update
August 20

During my time in Colombia I was able to dive into their wonderful culture, getting to experience their wonderful scenery, dishes, and welcoming people. While I was there I visited many waterfalls, hot springs, restaurants, farms, and even spent time in the mountains where I was able to climb a volcano.

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April 20
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April 20

YWLN congratulates you on your acceptance and hopes you have a wonderful and fulfilling experience.

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April 20

Congratulations🎉Know you’ve got this. Enjoy your journey!

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April 19
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April 17

We love you Millie....

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April 5

Reach for the stars Millie!!! 🎉🎉

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April 5

I love you baby! I hope all of your dreams come true 💜

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April 1
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March 30

Looking forward to great things from you. Stay focus
Love always

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Congratulation Millie, keep the good work up, I love you

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Reach for the stars baby girl

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I know you will put your stamp on this world. Grateful to be able to help on your journey ❤️

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YoU cAn dO anything❤❋✨♫ •.♥.•°°¸.•✮❣here*s to a beAutiful futuRe aDventure!❤❋✨♫ •.♥.•°°¸.•✮❣

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Hope you get to go and have a great time while you're there. ✌

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March 29


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