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Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School
New York, NY
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Lucia's Story

My passion is designing clothing.

Fashion design became my passion in the 6th grade. When I sat in front of my television watching the Victoria's Secret fashion show, I saw gorgeous trends and different ideas brought into the show. I began looking up different fashion designers, such as Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein, and Chanel, and I realized the amount of creativity that you could put into making fashion. In the 9th grade, I took a fashion design course where I was able to put my creativity and ideas to work, and my passion for fashion design grew.

Attending FIT High School Summer Live will develop my knowledge of fashion and expand my abilities as a person. I see this program as a path that will take me closer to my dreams. The criticism and lessons that I learn at the fashion camp will stick with me throughout the years.

A Note from Mr. Tornatore, Lucia's Teacher

"What I find especially appealing about Lucia is that she is a student in every sense of the word. She is open and willing to investigate ideas that are new to her, and she is fearless when it comes to expressing her thoughts before her classmates. Lucia is a highly capable student with a lively personality and is extremely thoughtful. There is no doubt in my mind that Lucia can achieve any goal that she sets for herself.

Lucia’s greatest need is to be in an environment with likeminded students who are passionate about fashion. Attending FIT High School Summer Live will allow Lucia to explore and investigate her interests with other students that are equally as passionate about this field."

Campaign Activity
Lucia posted an update
June 25
Looking forward to FIT Summer Program

This entire school year, I was looking into what I was going to do this summer, and ever since I found exactly what I wanted I can't help but be excited for it! There are a lot of nerves and anxiety as well but mostly excitement. I'm looking forward to learning and expanding my knowledge into lessons that may stick with me for a lifetime. I have dreamt for years about being a fashion designer, and going to the FIT program makes me feel closer to my goal. I get a little nervous when it comes to meeting new people, but it's nothing that I won't be able to overcome. I have spoken about going to the program with my best friends, and they will be attending other Wishbone programs too! I can't wait to see what's to come!

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June 6
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June 6

Have fun!

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May 4
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May 4
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May 4
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February 17