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Hector's Story

My passion is becoming empowered through music.

At the base of this is my love for expressive, freely written, very stream-of-consciousness style of writing. I began to write about how lost and in despair I felt, and around that time I had an authentic connection with a song that changed the course of my life, "Dog Days Are Over" by Florence + the Machine. It opened me up like a flower and I discovered how powerful music could be in influencing one's thoughts and emotions, how this could be a treatment for my hyper-intuitive and sensitive soul.

Attending School Rock of Camp in Palo Alto will help me explore this passion of using, performing, and making music for these reasons through exposing me to a place where everyone is passionate about music, an environment I haven't been in and exposed to for years and a very rare opportunity for me as a person from a low-income household. It will help me realize my strengths and areas for improvement so that I can know how I can more properly work on my craft in order to make it as much as how I want something to be or sound like. With this, I can bring these skills into my knowledge and spread it to other people who may also be passionate about similar ideals with music.

A Note from Mr. Miluso, Hector's Teacher

"Our school is a small public charter high school with very limited resources. We do not offer music as a class. Despite this, Hector has over the last few years taught himself to play the piano, a bit of guitar, and has improved his singing quite a bit by watching videos. I have been amazed at the progress he has made in a short time virtually on his own.

In addition to playing music he has started writing musical scores with an free online program that are quite impressive. He has always had a gift for poetry and writes lyrics for the songs he is composing. All of this is totally on his own. He somehow finds the time to do this while maintaining excellent grades in challenging classes and being involved in many other activities. I have enjoyed watching his music evolve. He regularly stays after school to let me hear a new piece he is working on."

Campaign Activity
Hector posted an update
June 6
Pre-Program Update: Palo Alto School of Rock THANK YOU

AHHHH! Thank you all SO MUCH for helping me follow my passions! I'm not sure exactly what to expect, but I know that this will be something that will leave a great impact on me, even if it's only for five days. Hopefully I'll come back from the classes with the tools to be a better singer and new connections with a lot of wonderful people. I don't know if you know how passionate I am about this, so why not show you all? If you are interested, go on YouTube and search "theschwawasnthere just grow up". The name of my video is "Dog Days Are Over" :) The intro is a little slow, but then it gets more interesting. I'd highly appreciate it. In a nutshell it's about the many new things you experience growing up when your body, environment, and whole life starts to change (I have the lyrics; the vocals aren't yet recorded). As you might hear, I put a lot of effort into my art to truly express how I feel. And because of people like you, the pieces like the one you just heard will be more genuine. Pieces that might help others (you included) not feel alone, feel better, understand or express themselves, or just feel good vibes in general, and help me figure out my place in this universe and life. Have a great day, you're awesome for helping students like me. Peace and love (as cheesy as that sounds xD).

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