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Leadership Public Schools - Richmond
San Pablo, CA
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Jacquelin's Story

My passion is law.

In my life there have been many bad and good experiences, but overall they have all shaped who I am. These past few months I was able to understand some things I did not notice before. I noticed people getting treated differently because of their race and assumptions. I believed that stereotypes and racism was gone in this world, but I was wrong. When I went to a restaurant with me and my family we were treated unfairly because of how we appeared. From this, I was able to conclude that this world still needs great improvement. This year I’m learning about how history still affects us today and how people fought for justice, which greatly influences me to make a change in this world. In the past people did not have as many resources as we do today. They had to develop ideas and plans to overcome those dark times.

A Note from Mrs. Thomas, Jacquelin's Teacher

Jacquelin is a good candidate for the Education Unlimited Public Speaking Institute because she is committed to be the change in her community and has discovered possible how she wants to contribute to her community. Jacquelin is however a very shy student who is viewed as a role model for her peers and is able to influence them through her interaction and deportmen . Attending the Education Unlimited Public Speaking Institute will further enhance her ability to create the kind of impact she envisions in her future .

Campaign Activity
Jacquelin posted an update
July 31
Attended the Program

It was an amazing experience. I loved the classes. The public speaking and debate skills I learned will be remembered. The professor and students were so interesting and amazing. Thank you to everyone who believed in me and made this opportunity possible.

Attended the program!!
Attended the program!!
Met some fun people!
Met some fun people!
Jacquelin posted an update
May 2

I am planning to attend the Public Speaking Institute program at UC Berkeley this summer. I am excited to debate, speak persuasively, and choose an elective that they have. My school does not have a debate class and since this program has it, I am looking forward to it because I believe it is very helpful to use in life. I also feel that I will learn a lot from this experience. It will help me get an idea of what I want to study in college and overall have a job in.

Success! Mrs. Thomas helped Jacquelin raise $2,085
April 24
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April 24
Sophia Thomas donated $30
April 20

You are so deserving of this experience Jacky , I hope you get this opportunity .

Emily Sura donated $25
April 15

This is a wonderful opportunity that you are so deserving of. I am so excited for you!

Natalie Fensterstock donated $25
April 11

Jackie is a fantastic student with incredible thoughts. I am over the moon that she is pursuing the skills to articulate these thoughts to the world and strengthen her voice!

Lizzy Gore donated $25
April 8

Go, girl! I think you are already getting out of your comfort zone, and I think you will be an AMAZING public speaker!

Anonymous donated $25
April 6

Jackie is an excellent student who is super deserving of this opportunity

Jeri Nolan donated $25
April 6

I think this will be an amazing opportunity! Go Jackie!!

Sarah Bliss donated $25
April 5
Mitchell Flax donated $50
March 31

Jackie is an amazing student and will benefit so much from learning to amplify what she has to say. Go Jackie!

Sharon Kim donated $50
March 30
Student Contribution donated $99
March 20
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March 20
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March 20
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February 1