Angela has applied to attend STEM Summer Camp at Foothill College this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Technology & Engineering
Summit Preparatory Charter High School
San Mateo, CA
Successfully funded on May 5th, 2017!
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Angela's Story

My passion is STEM.

Ever since I was young, I always enjoyed my STEM courses in school. Science and math were always challenging, but fun! There are so many exciting careers that I can take with STEM. I'm hoping by attending the Science Learning Institute STEM Summer Camps will give me the opportunity to decide what I want to do for my future college major.

A Note from Ms. Hawkins, Angela's Mentor

Angela would deeply benefit from the leadership opportunity that Science Learning Institute STEM Summer Camps has to offer. She has demonstrated a strong drive to practice and develop her leadership and communication skills both in and outside of the classroom. She also has a budding interest for the sciences that I would love to see her explore.

Campaign Activity
Angela posted an update
July 17
After Attending Foothill College’s Science Learning Institute

Thank you again so much for allowing me the opportunity to attend the Science Learning Institute at Foothill College. I learned so much about 3D Modeling and Printing, I was even able to take home a 3D printed design created by myself and create a potential solution to a common problem facing senior citizens. I also made new friends while working on this project, and we all decided on creating a pill dispenser to allow easier access to pills for senior citizens. In Video Game design, I was able to further enhance my modeling skills, and even placed them into a game! By the end of the week, I had a functional walking character and a video game! I had so much fun at this camp, and I would definitely love to try the other courses if I could! Thank you again for this awesome opportunity.

Angela posted an update
June 26
Before Attending Foothill College’s Science Learning Institute

I will be attending Foothill College’s Science Learning Institute to learn about 3D Modeling and Video Game Design! I’m very excited to learn more about both of these processes, and I’m sure that I will discover new interests and explore new possibilities. I chose to attend the Science Learning Institute at Foothill College because I feel that it will allow me to pursue my passion of art and the sciences. I believe that the Science Learning Institute will allow me to share my passions with others and will also allow me to make new friends and build close relationships.

Thank you very much to those who have donated and supported me throughout this journey. I will definitely share my experiences and will make the best of my time at the Science Learning Institute.

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May 5
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May 3

Have a great summer!

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