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Performing Arts
Uncommon Charter High School
New York City, New York
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Elijah's Story

My passion is performing. I have always had a vivid imagination, which was especially fueled by my love for movies. It was nurtured by my grandmother, who was always watching something whether it was old-country westerns, Hollywood musicals, or exploitation flicks. Sometimes I would watch them with her, and every movie we would watch, I'd imagine myself being there, doing what the characters did. While taking theatre during my freshmen and sophomore year, I realized how much I love performing in general because it's the only time when I am truly happy.

Attending 92Y "Broadway, Here I Come!" Summer Vocal Institute will be very beneficial because I haven't, aside from theatre at school, had any professional training. To me, the greatest performers have multiple talents. I look up to Barbara Streisand, Neil Patrick Harris, and Queen Latifah, who have had success in more than one arena of entertainment. Having multiple skills is part of being versatile and being versatile is part of being a good actor, which I am going to be. When training to be an actor, there is no better place to learn than in the theatre, and I would be grateful for the experience overall.

A Note from Ms. Garland, Elijah's Teacher

From the day I met Elijah, it was clear that his passions all revolve around theatre and film. He lights up when he talks about his favorite films and how he sees himself pursuing acting as a career. He has taken theatre both years they were available to him in high school. He joined the Spoken Word club last year and performed an original piece at an all-school assembly.

Not only will the 92Y Summer Vocal Institute give Elijah the chance to learn and improve his singing, dancing and acting skills, but it will also help him develop self-confidence. Elijah is truly pushing himself to jump out of his comfort zone and into something that encompasses all his passions.

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Elijah posted an update
August 20
"How I Enjoyed Wishbone" by Elijah Jones

I first went into my summer program not being sure if I would like things. I have always had trouble relating to my peers, especially in social environments, and I was afraid of being misunderstood. But after the first day, everyone immediately got along great. It was a free and open environment for collaboration to cooperate in a creative space. Never did I feel insignificant or not paid attention to. The coordinators of the program were very understanding towards all of us and allowed freedom of expression. Overall, I had a great time and would be happy to apply next year.

Elijah posted an update
June 27
"Why I Want To Go to Wishbone" by Elijah Jones

For me, performing is my life. Ever since I was little, it has been my dream to entertain for a living. Whenever I was in a school play, I always took it the most seriously which resembled how I would be set apart from my peers based on the fact that the majority of them were interested in pranks and basketball. Part of my interest in signing up for a program was having the chance to be around others my age passionate about the same career as I am. Just the idea of the comfort of being understood for my ambition and how much entertaining means to me sounds refreshing. I'm so excited for the week to come and the opportunity to learn and build connections with people and I am so thankful and appreciative to be accepted.

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April 14
Doug Sinclair donated $56
April 14

I was lucky enough to receive a camp scholarship when I was you age and it was one of the wonderful experiences of my life. I hope you will also have an experience you will never forget.

I should add, I know you have a wonderful teacher because I got to work with her for several years when she live in VT. You have obviously made her smile on many occasions and that makes me smile.

Good luck.

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Vicki Lehnert donated $50
April 13

I love Broadway and enjoy listening to young singers. Best of luck and God Bless!
Work hard and never give up.😊

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Ronda Kirsch donated $25
April 13

Good luck!!!

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Melissa Moore donated $20
April 11

Pursue your dreams!

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Angela Lighty donated $100
April 11

Because i love him

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Brett Barnes donated $50
April 11

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April 11

Enjoy camp! I love Broadway too! I wish you the very best.

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Catherine Garland donated $50
April 10

Can’t wait for you to have this experience!

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April 3
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April 3
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