Katharine has applied to attend NSLC Medicine and Healthcare this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Science & Medicine
Bassick High School
Bridgeport, CT
Successfully funded on April 30th, 2016!
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Katharine's Story

My passion is learning how to better understand and help fellow human beings.

I have always had an insatiable appetite to learn new things. I never want to stop learning, growing and developing myself and my understandings; therefore, I knew that I required a profession where I always remained curious, a profession that constantly had me asking questions and investigating answers. Being a part of the medical field would not only challenge me, but allow me to help others. My passion is sustained with each step I take in the direction reaching that goal.

Once I knew I wanted to be a doctor, I realized that a stimulating and distinguished education from a program like NSLC Medicine & Healthcare is exactly what I need to further my direction. The diversity of curriculum and integrative approach provided for participants is phenomenal. Admission to NSLC Medicine & Healthcare program would be the greatest gift I’ve ever received. It would change my life and set me on my way to becoming the person I imagine in my brightest future.

A Note from Mr. Rosado, Katharine's Mentor

"Katharine is an ideal candidate for NSLC Medicine & Healthcare because of her perseverance and dedication to continue learning. Katharine has overcome some incredible odds. When other students would have chosen to go down a negative path, she chose to continue her education and do all she can to be her best in all situations. She has a vision of where she wants her life to go and has all she can to make sure she gets there.

Many students want to pursue a career in medicine but many don't know what it truly entails. I believe that this program will provide Katharine with the knowledge and experience she will need to pursue her studies as a pre-medical student. I feel that this program will challenge Katharine academically and mentally like she has not been challenged in the past."

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You have accomplished so much (#2 at Bassick!! Whoo!!) and have many great things ahead. Keep dreaming big, "Dr." Morris. We all want to see those beautiful dreams of yours come true!

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