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Liberal Arts
Urban Assembly Bronx Academy of Letters
New York, NY
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moesae's Story

My passion is writing.

I discovered my passion for writing when I started reading online. In middle school I discovered a site called "wattpad" where teenagers my age wrote about basically anything they wanted to. From fanfiction to teen romance, they took their imagination and turned it into something everyone enjoyed. That's what I wanted to do; I felt that I had a creative enough mind to be a great writer in the genre of my choice.

I believe that attending Writopia Creative Writing Workshops will help me with my passion for writing and storytelling by putting me in a space with other aspiring writers in a professional setting.

A Note from Ms. Thomas, moesae's Mentor

Moesae would thrive in a community and environment like Writopia Creative Writing Workshops. She is a top student in her school, a leader within multiple extracurricular organizations, and carries an incredibly strong reputation of integrity in our community. She recently participated in Operation Breaking Stereotypes, an opportunity that allowed her to participate in a cultural exchange program with students from Maine. Continued opportunities such as this that allow Moesae to explore beyond the boundaries of the South Bronx, to meet and work with new peers, to expand her view of the world, and to dive deeper into the passions of her heart – are exactly what she needs.

Campaign Activity
moesae posted an update
May 9
Almost there

Greetings Everyone,

Just wanna give everyone a big thank you for helping put my dreams into action. As some of you know I will be attending Writopia writing workshop in New York where I will be attending the course "Fiction and Fun" which is the genre I hope to succeed in some day. I've currently started two books. One is a partnership and the other is a single novel that I have been working on called "Bonnet Queens". Hopefully with this program I will be able to get further in these books than I already am.

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March 30
Seanette Gwin donated $44
March 30

I love you baby girl 😘

Jen Bruni donated $75
March 24

You are a distinct young woman - I admire how you give so much to your community and family. Best of luck in your class!!

Connie Carter donated $40
March 24

So proud of you and excited for this opportunity!

Gus La Casse donated $35
March 24
Katie Williams donated $25
March 23

Moesae! So excited for you! Let's goooooooo!

Katy Meyers donated $50
March 23

Good luck, Mosesae!

Ned Johnston donated $50
March 23

We miss your smiling face. Keep writing!

Domenic Mancuso donated $50
March 22

Follow your dreams Moesae - may God bless your future.

Sara Dormon donated $50
March 22

So very proud of you and excited for your future. Love you

Anonymous donated $25
March 22
Sara Miller donated $50
March 22

Moe is THE BEST!! Such a talented and kind young lady bursting with potential!! So excited for this opportunity for you!

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March 22
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March 22
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March 22
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