Anzy has applied to attend SEACAMP I this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Environmental & Outdoors
Animo College Preparatory Academy
Los Angeles, CA
Successfully funded on May 27th, 2016!
Fully funded!
$1,045 raised
$0 to go
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Anzy's Story

My passion is the earth.

I discovered this passion when I was very young. I have always loved being helpful and tend to have a lot of energy. I remember my mom telling me that when I was little, I would always bring cats, dogs, birds, and other things home so we would take them to shelters.

I believe SEACAMP will help me explore my passion because I will be able to expand my comfort zone. This is going to teach new ways to look at things. This will be a great chance to expand my comfort zone since I've only been in Los Angeles. So, I won't be afraid to help all around the word. That would be a dream come true.

A Note from Ms. Castaneda, Anzy's Mentor

"Anzy will definitley benefit from participating at SEACAMP, for she is a very sociable and friendly person. She is always on task with her work and is committed to learning. She is a great teammate and is always looking around to make sure her team understands the material being presented. She is someone who is eager to learn. She is not afraid to ask for help, and with this, she is also always willing to help those around her. Anzy has shown leadership in some of the College Track activities by volunteering to most of the in-house volunteering opportunities. She follows with commitments and is always looking for opportunities to grow."

Campaign Activity
Success! Ms. Castaneda helped Anzy raise $1,045
May 27
The Boiardi Foundation donated $321
May 27
Shari Long donated $50
May 26

I am so proud of the progress you made this semester! You deserve to have the best summer ever!

Zachary Hoover donated $100
May 25
#wishbonesummer donated $100
May 24
Katie V donated $15
May 15

I believe in students as ambitious as you!!

Brian Nathanson donated $25
May 13
Dara Slevin donated $25
May 12
Erica Hoxie donated $10
May 10

Have fun! :-)

Arlan Mendiola donated $25
May 10
Rachel Evans Aaron Behl donated $25
May 8
Shannon Brewer donated $50
May 4

Anzy, I've known you since you were tiny even though you probably don't remember me. I love you and your family and I know you will do great things!

Sarah Gross donated $25
May 4
Greg Brosman donated $20
May 3
Nicole Schwartz donated $25
May 2
Maya Greenfield donated $20
May 1
Ryan Landes donated $25
April 30
Greg Sherman donated $10
April 29

Keep up the great work!!

sara frisch donated $25
April 29

Good luck, have fun and keep working hard!

Zoe Melczer donated $50
April 29
Student Contribution donated $99
April 27
Ms. Castaneda started this campaign
April 27
Anzy was accepted into Wishbone!
January 29