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Environmental & Outdoors
Uncommon Collegiate Charter High School
New York City, New York
Successfully funded on April 19th, 2018!
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Jeffrey's Story

My passion is nature. Ever since I was born, I always lived in New York City, so I have little exposure to nature. In fact, I hadn't seen animals other than as pets, in the zoo, or in pictures until I was twelve years old. When I was twelve, my uncle and his wife took me on a 3-day camping expedition. I got to cup my hands with water holding a baby fish, go on a canoe and paddle in a river, and make a fire at night and watch the flames eat up the wood (and, unfortunately, I had a close interaction with a bear craving a fish). But the best part of the whole trip was learning more about the outside world. The trip helped me realize how much I love nature and the importance of exploring new environments. Attending the Christodora Manice Education Summer Session will help me learn more about the natural world around me. Being in that environment will continue to fuel my passion as nature never fails to leave me awe-struck. In college, i want to major in environmental sciences.

A Note from Ms. McCleary, Jeffrey's Teacher

Jeffrey is one of the top students I have ever taught in many realms, but particularly in his ability to think through scientific inquiry set up. He is able to quickly consider the variables being tested and evaluate their strengths. His few experiences with outdoors have shown how much he enjoys interacting with nature, but this is relatively infrequent given his location. The Christodora Manice Education Summer Session will offer him the ability to explore his excitement for scientific inquiry in the context of the outdoors - I can see Jeffrey sitting outside with a star map, learning about the various constellations and how to use them to navigate. There is no other student I can think of who is better suited for this summer program - he will benefit greatly from the experience, and those around him will benefit from his joyful personality, collaborative mindset, and excitement for scientific inquiry.

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