Scarlette has applied to attend LIM College Summer Fashion Lab this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Uncommon Charter High School
New York, NY
Successfully funded on April 4th, 2017!
Fully funded!
$450 raised
$0 to go
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Scarlette's Story

My Passion is the arts.

Attending this program would not only help me develop as a student but also as a potential college student. Attending LIM offers a pre-college environment. An environment like this would contribute to my understanding and learning of the arts. Meeting new people who have the same passion as me would benefit me as a person such as building new relationships. Also, LIM will allow me an experience of college life and prepare me for when I head off to college in two years.

A Note from Ms. Garland, Scarlette's Teacher

In a few short years, Scarlette will be starting college! She is a very hardworking, creative and gritty student with a myriad of interests from writing to softball to science to cheer team. Now is just the right time for her to not only get to explore her passions more fully with peers who are equally interested in writing, but to also have a chance to spend some time on the campus of a premier university. Going to LIM will help Scarlette picture herself not only going to college but perhaps going to a college in a different part of the country and feeling confident that she can do so! I also feel that participating in the program will help Scarlette feel even more committed and driven when she returns to high school in the Fall so that she is as prepared as possible when it's time to apply to colleges.

Campaign Activity
Success! Ms. Garland helped Scarlette raise $450
April 4
tracy berry donated $71
April 4
Anonymous donated $5
March 31

Scarlette, this program sounds like a great opportunity for you to test the college-prep waters. Best wishes for a memorable experience!

Erin Kelleher donated $25
March 29
Colleen Spindler-Ranta donated $25
March 28
Doug Sinclair donated $50
March 28

Way to extend yourself. Make the most of this opportunity.

Shannon Bohler donated $25
March 28

So excited to help a student interested in the Arts! Have a great time!

Heidi Baitz donated $100
March 28

Best wishes for your new adventure this summer.
Heidi Baitz

John Peterson donated $25
March 22

Have a great time at LIM! Much love from Texas!

Catherine Garland donated $25
March 21

So proud of you!

Student Contribution donated $99
March 20
Ms. Garland started this campaign
March 20
Scarlette was accepted into Wishbone!
February 1