Sadadine has applied to attend NSLC Nursing this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Science & Medicine
HPHS Academy of Nursing & Health Sciences
Hartford, Connecticut
Successfully funded on April 16th, 2018!
Fully funded!
$3,245 raised
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Sadadine's Story

My passion is medicine.

I am from Darfur, Sudan. In Darfur, people are suffering from health issues and diseases because there are limited doctors and medicine. I dream of being able to study medicine and to become a good doctor so that I can go back to Sudan and provide and help people.

By attending NSLC Nursing, I'd be able to experience what doctors and nurses do. I'd like to be trained to treat people and give them medicine.

A Note from Mr. Platen, Sadadine's Teacher

Sadadine is willing and able to do anything assigned to him. He has a thirst for knowledge, and constantly searches for more. Despite facing obstacles, Sadidine has never lost sight of his aspiration of pursuing medicine. Sadadine would thrive as a participant of NSLC Nursing, gaining insight and a deeper understanding of the field of medicine that would allow him to continue motivating his future success in medicine.

Campaign Activity
Success! Mr. Platen helped Sadadine raise $3,245
April 16
Dalio Foundation donated $2,546
April 16
National Student Leadership Conference
National Student Leadership Conference donated $600
April 16
Student Contribution donated $99
April 16
Mr. Platen started this campaign
April 16
Sadadine was accepted into Wishbone!
February 2