Aileen has applied to attend Washington University in St. Louis Global Leadership Institute this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
KIPP King Collegiate High School
San Lorenzo, California
Successfully funded on May 16th, 2018!
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Aileen's Story

My passions are law and politics.

Law and politics are the biggest power struggles on Earth. They dictate our lives and decide the fate of the world. From the power of fairy-tale kings and queens to the very real dynasties who controlled hemispheres and ruled generations, I've always been enamored by the power of a government. Of course, that didn't necessarily make it my obsession, but recently with Donald Trump, I realized that our future is being drafted, argued over, and voted on; I realized the truth in "democracy isn't a spectator sport." While I do have other interests and hobbies, I don't want my life decided for me, lost in a mess of legal babble and political scandals. Conveniently, I've found that I enjoy making my points and am excited to learn more about the facets of law and politics.

Along with providing me with the knowledge and understanding of the why and how of social movements, Washington University in St. Louis Global Leadership Institute will help me develop the leadership skills I need to pursue law. By exposing me to actual influential documents in an environment where I could easily discuss and understand them, Washington University in St. Louis Global Leadership Institute will prepare me for the future where I could be reading or drafting similar documents. I believe the debates (I adore debate; I'm on my school's debate team) and policy-making simulations in particular will be useful experiences.

A Note from Mrs. Russell, Aileen's Teacher

Aileen is a born leader. She is going to continue to lead others in the future in many ways, and I am excited about the opportunity for her to be exposed to lessons, activities, and experiences of a higher level that will help her achieve this. I think she is the perfect candidate to learn and grow from attending Washington University in St. Louis Global Leadership Institute, and I cannot wait to see all that she gathers and then how she applies that to her next few years here at Kipp King as a growing influence in our community.

Campaign Activity
Aileen posted an update
June 11
Pre-Attendance Update

Thank you so much for helping to fund my campaign! I'm really excited to attend and so grateful that you have helped me afford this program. Without your help, I would not have been able to take such a wonderful opportunity and take part in the summer program of my dreams. I'll be sure to tell you about it!

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May 16
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May 16

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