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George Washington High School
San Francisco, CA
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Jorge's Story

My passion is architecture.

I describe Architecture in just 2 words, fantastic and wonderful. Like many high school students, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do once I graduated from high school. My passion started when I discovered that Architecture included my favorite subjects such as geometry and design. Then I took the SDS SELF-DIRECTED SEARCH and what surprised me is that I got some careers that involved Architecture. I did some research to understand more about Architecture and as I described it's just fantastic and wonderful.

A Note from Mr. Orozco, Jorge's Counselor

Last year was my first year being Jorge's counselor and right away I was able to see Jorge's motivation to want to got to college. Due to Jorge coming from another country he had many questions about college. Jorge will ask me a lot of question about college and different programs that will help him get to college. Once I asked Jorge what college he would like to attend, he responded saying, I am going to go to UC Berkeley or Cal Poly I guarantee that I will attend one of those colleges. Knowing that a lot of students want to attend these colleges I told Jorge it is very competitive and it will take a lot of work to get there. He was very aware and guaranteed that he will work hard to reach this goal. Since that time Jorge has shown to be one of my hardest working students, pushing himself to reach higher academic success by taking AP course, doing excellent, and taking any opportunity to help him explore careers and college.

Campaign Activity
Jorge posted an update
July 31
First we shape cities, then cities shape us

Thank you all for giving me the chance to embark this intense and rigorous 4-week program full of excitement and lasting memories. After attending to embARC, I was able to learn different aspects of architecture, mainly sustainable planning and urban design. The assignments were challenging, but at the same time entertaining. My favorite part was to create a pavilion from scratch and think ideas of concept models that could benefit the community. In conclusion, I enjoyed attending this program, but I don't see myself being an architect in the future. Instead, I decided that I want to become a mechanical engineer. Thank you again for lending me this opportunity to discover where my passion really is.

Sather Gate at UC Berkeley
Sather Gate at UC Berkeley
Jorge posted an update
May 3
Can't wait to embARC an adventure of knowledge

I am very excited that I'll be attending embARC this summer. Thank you all for helping me dig into this amazing discipline. I'll finally be able to explore more in detail my passion in architecture. Especially, I am looking forward to make this program a lasting memory full of awesome experiences.

Success! Mr. Orozco helped Jorge raise $4,255
April 19
Anonymous donated $224
April 19

Hope this helps you follow your dreams man.

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Amy DeMello donated $50
April 18

Good luck, Jorge! Your passion will carry you far in life!

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Corey Schnobrich donated $30
April 15

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Hsu Duen Yang donated $50
April 13

Keep up the good work!

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Francesca Alfajora donated $50
April 11

Awesome opportunity. Well deserved!

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Ian Fung donated $10
April 11

I know Jorge will do amazing things in the future. He is very motivated, intelligent, ambitious and caring. I am very optimistic in Jorge and his future.

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Robyn Yano donated $40
April 11

Jorge, you absolutely deserve this opportunity! I hope that you learn a lot, and most importantly, enjoy every moment of it. I had the chance to learn about biophilic design a couple years ago, and have personally observed the impact that architectural design in a healthcare setting can have on patients' health and wellness. It is both "fantastic" and "wonderful," as you say! You will have so many opportunities to contribute in meaningful ways through your future work. We are so excited for you.

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Robert Miura donated $200
April 11

Jorge, I took mechanical drawing in my senior year and loved it. I'm not an artistic person so it gave me a chance to draw and create something nice. Even though I didn't become an architect, what I learned helped me with my career and future endeavors. There is no limit for you. Go after your dreams! God Bless.

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Edean DeMello donated $50
April 9

Jorge, you have the strength and the passion to achieve your goals. Keep striving, keep believing, and you will go far!

Jennifer Lim donated $50
April 8

Good luck on your fantastic and wonderful journey!

Yu Xian Lim donated $30
April 8

Hope you will strive for your dream!

Wanda Nakamura donated $25
April 7

Keep up the good work Jorge!

Jameson Wu-Miura donated $25
April 7


Thomas Chan donated $30
April 7

You have a wonderful advocate in Katie that supports your dreams! Good luck to you in your future endeavors!

Merle Miura donated $200
April 7

Jorge, have an awesome summer at embARC!

Teresa Camajani donated $50
April 6
Carlos Wu donated $100
April 5

The force be with you!

Alexa Zen donated $10
April 4
Kurt Tagami donated $50
April 4

Good luck Jorge!

Kevin Wu donated $100
April 4

I hope you have a great time at embARC and meet others that share your passion for Architecture! Go Jorge!

Anonymous donated $50
April 3
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March 23
University of California Berkeley
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March 23
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