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Bronx, New York
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Nichole's Story

My passion is becoming a better person and learning how to be a leader in our society.

This became my passion because I enjoy helping people and within my family I learned that everybody has an opportunity to grow. I believe there are benefits to being a leader and if you do your best, all your plans and dreams can come true. People are fascinating, we are all different and I intend to be an advocate for all.

I think by attending NSLC, I will hone on to my leadership skills. The program will allow me to grow academically and socially. Also, by trying something new it will help my dream of becoming an elementary school teacher.

A Note from Ms. Watson, Nichole's Counselor

"Nichole, showed tremendous leadership qualities while engaging a new student from the Dominican Republic. She has encountered many challenges in her life from family and neighborhood, but has always overcome those challenges by continually setting goals and achieving them with hard work, dedication and a vision of furthering her educational journey."

Campaign Activity
Nichole posted an update
September 11
American University

I felt welcome at American University; the advisors for Mastering Leadership were polite and very enthusiastic. I met people from different countries and backgrounds in this program. We had an opening ceremony to get to know each other more, and say why we are here and what do we want to accomplish within our six days in this program. We had a rope course that made us show our leadership skills to help our fellow members in our different groups. We were separated by different TA's which are our advisor during our stay in American University. Each group made an opening statement about themselves, and gave a group name. I remember my group's name was "The Radical Bowties". Our name was interesting compared to all the other groups. I met a group of girls who actually spoke Spanish and didn't know that much English. Since I first I spoke to them I felt like I knew them for forever. We had certain stuff in common. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to become a Master in Leadership Skills. This summer was a great experience at American University at Washington DC. I would love to attend American University.

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