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Samantha's Story

My passion is screenwriting. Ever since I was young, I always loved how movies and T.V. made me feel. They could make me laugh, cry, or feel frustrated. The power directors had over my emotions inspired me to create the same experiences in other people with my stories. I remember watching Harry Potter, muted and just reading the subtitles. I loved how the words created suspense. I practiced doing the same, writing stories and skits with descriptive dialogue. I made my first script for a play in sixth grade about a girl and a boy who at first seemed like enemies but discovered how they were so similar that it seemed like it was fate for them to be together. I focused on how to convey their feelings through playful banter. Just as it was destined for the two characters to fall in love, it is destiny for me to become a screenwriter.

US Performing Arts Screenwriting program will help me pursue my passion for film by providing me with the knowledge and writing skills necessary to become a better writer. For instance, although I love writing, I still need to discover my voice, while also exploring different styles. I know that I have the potential to be a great writer, but I need to be exposed to new types of writing so that I can find what I like in my own writing. I am also looking forward to having the opportunity to work with professional screenwriters and educators. Learning from a real-life professional would also be a valuable experience because I would be able to get feedback and tips on becoming a successful screenwriter. This program would be a great chance to dedicate my time to only writing and meeting other aspiring writers as well as collaborating on their stories.

A Note from Ms. Ramirez, Samantha's Mentor

I believe that in order to get the most out of a program like the US Performing Arts Screenwriting program students must be comfortable with discomfort as well as a love for telling stories. Samantha has both of these. She has a deep love for writing and telling stories that developed when she was a young child. She believes art and writing is a way to fight for social justice and connect people to each other. Samantha is not afraid to share her voice, which will be important during this program. Samantha does not shy away from challenges. The other students in her program will get more from Samantha being in the program as she will bring a diverse perspective.

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