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Liberal Arts
East Hartford High School
East Hartford, CT
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Nikkel's Story

My passion is psychology.

I discovered my passion for psychology when I was younger. I had always wanted to help people. My passion really grew as I got older and was introduced to the world of psychology. I fell in love with the duties and performances that psychology entailed and the broad spectrum of psychology. It has allowed me to figure out who I want to be in society and the people I want to help.

A Note from Ms. Martucci, Nikkel's Teacher

Nikkel is not only a student deserving of accolades and recognition, but she possesses qualities and strengths that make her an exceptional person as a whole. She is respectful to all and she never hesitates to put the needs of others ahead of her own. Simply put, Nikkel makes the people around her happy – an immediate result of her contagious smile and a sense of generosity that never falters. I have personally benefitted significantly from teaching Nikkel, and I am certain that anyone fortunate enough to meet, collaborate with, or learn from her will find that they are better off as a result. There is no question in my mind that Nikkel will be an outstanding member of Blueprint Summer at UConn, that she will graciously accept all opportunities presented before her, and that she will do nothing short of excel.

Campaign Activity
Nikkel posted an update
September 8
Thank You

I had so much fun attending my Blueprint Program at UCONN. Living in a dorm and walking the campus was surreal. Meeting new people and starting conversations, I hadn't know I held so much confidence and independence. Thank You for this opportunity I will never forget it and Ill use the lessons I've learned.

Nikkel posted an update
June 27
Thank you

This summer I will be attending Blueprint at Uconn to study psychology. I am so thankful for this week because it's the opportunity of a life time to be a high school student and then to be physical able to participate in my future. It's amazing to able to act is a college student and learn as one too. This opprtunity will only enhance my love for learning and put me on a greater path to academic success. I am so grateful for this opportunity and thank you to everyone who had helped me to get to this point.

Excited for Uconn
Excited for Uconn
Success! Ms. Martucci helped Nikkel raise $2,299
May 8
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May 8
Rob Wilson donated $30
May 3

Good job.

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Mr and Mrs Smith donated $25
April 30

Good luck.

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Cynthia and Ian Masters donated $100
April 30

Nickell I have watched you grown from a tiny baby and blossomed into a beautiful, kind and respectable young lady, I am so proud of you keep excelling until you reach the top. I love you with every fiber of my being.

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Joann Calender donated $25
April 26

The sky's the limit. I'm sooo proud of you.

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Bernard Lebrun donated $50
April 26

When it comes to education I'm all for it. Good luck.

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Lucille and Francis Augustin donated $200
April 26

Nikkel, I am so proud of you. I love you and I'm wishing you all the best in the future.

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Bancroft and Veronica Shelton donated $200
April 22

As your parents we want to see you reach your goals. Hard work and dedication will get you to where you wanna go. Love you ❤️

Nicholas Shelton donated $100
April 20

For you little sis.

Maggie and Andrew Mitchell donated $200
April 20

Hard work and determination lead to success and I'm so proud of you Nikkel.

Sidonie Shelton donated $75
April 14

Because I love and believe in you 😘

Heather Wiggins donated $50
April 13

Because you are awesome! I'm proud of you 💓

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April 5
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April 5
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April 5
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April 5
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February 1