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Environmental & Outdoors
Animo College Preparatory Academy
Los Angeles, CA
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Angel's Story

My passion is science.

While taking Biology this semester, I became intrigued and excited to learn how cells and other structures of life play a role in the lives of organisms. I’m interested to know how the cells of other organisms, besides humans and plants, work. Science has always interested me, but I noticed my passion for biology when we learned how the human body cells work. I became interested in how the reproductive system determines how the offspring will look like and contain based on its chromosomes.

In my Biology class, we worked on creating a double helix with mRNA and DNA using marshmallows, toothpicks, and licorice. The project helped me completely learn how mRNA and DNA work together and it was more effective in teaching me than the basic lecture. Getting physically involved made it easier to understand the lesson. I am determined to continue discovering my passion for biology through SEACAMP I.

A Note from Ms. Rosales, Angel's Mentor

Angel aspires to pursue a career in Biology. Similar to how he does in class and in College Track, I am sure Angel will give his best in SEACAMP I. The program will give him the opportunity to explore an aspect of marine biology that he normally does not get from his classroom experience. Angel's passion for biology will give him the opportunity to expand his horizon and motivate him to continue pursuing a career in biology. Angel's curiosity and commitment stands out from the rest of his classmates, and I am sure he will excel as a SEACAMP I scholar.

Campaign Activity
Angel posted an update
April 24
Excited for SEACAMP

I'm excited to attend SEACAMP in August. I am grateful for the support and am starting to gather up the items I need to attend. Being granted this opportunity will help me find the profession I will enjoy working in.

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April 4
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April 4
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