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Oakland High School
Oakland, CA
Successfully funded on May 12th, 2016!
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Kamiya's Story

My passion is the medical field.

In 8th grade I interned at Highland Hospital twice. I never really thought of working in the medical field, but this experience changed my life. I got along with all of the patients, and it was like a second home. All of the things the nurses and doctors did were interesting. Doctors and nurses help save lives, and they have a huge impact on people. What really interests me is all the science they use to come up with different medicines, and knowing the right thing to do to cure a person.

Attending National Teen Leadership Program will help me explore my passion by allowing me to develop the leadership skills I need in the medical field. This program could help me set up my future, because now I have a made up my mind of something I would like to do so I can focus on that all throughout school.

A Note from Mrs. Johnstone, Kamiya's Teacher

"Kamiya participated in the Highland Hospital program during her 8th grade year, which sometimes was a challenge because she had to get there and work while still keeping up with her school work. Kamiya makes use of all opportunities that are available to her. She doesn't brag or boast, and she is a very careful and thorough worker."

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May 12
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May 10

Wishing you much success!

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