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Liberal Arts
Uncommon North Star Academy
Newark, New Jersey
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Rokiatou's Story

My passion is medicine. I discovered I have a passion for medicine when I watched a medical show, Untold Stories of the E.R., all night, without falling asleep. On that night, I fell in love with medicine and I am still in love until this day. The show was very interesting to me. The cases were interesting, and I learned many medical terms and things that were healthy or harmful to people. I love medicine, and I want to pursue as a career in the future. I want to become an OB-GYN because the female anatomy and women's health is interesting and important to me.

A Note from Mrs. Nguyen, Rokiatou's Counselor

Rokiatou is an excellent candidate for Blueprint Summer at Lehigh due to her open-mindedness to take on challenges and risks with courage. She is not afraid of experiences, and sees them as opportunities. Rokiatou has a kind approach to connect with other individuals whom she may not know, and with the proper guidance, she aims to keep pushing herself to do more and above what an average teenager might do in their spare time. I have known Rokiatou to not only take her academic classes as a high school student seriously but also the people that she works with, while juggling that with her personal life at home. For example, she goes with her grandmother regularly on weekends to share food with homeless individuals in Jersey City, New Jersey. Meanwhile, she does volleyball at school, started an art club with her friends, and leads her advisory group. It is at summer programs like Blueprint Lehigh that offers valuable life experiences Rokiatou so eagerly yearns for.

Campaign Activity
Rokiatou posted an update
August 24

The summer was really good on giving me the experience of what college is like. I met amazing people at the program. The program could have been more advance to really get the idea of my dream career. Overall the program was great.

Rokiatou posted an update
May 29
Excited for my Blueprint Summer!

I will be attending a Pre-Med program from July 8-14th at Lehigh University. My program is overnight, and I am so excited to be experiencing the college life. I am also excited to take science classes that will help me advance in my medical career. I’d like to thank you for donating and supporting me. With your support, I am one step closer to my dream.

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April 18

So proud of you my niece! I love you! Happy Birthday 😘

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April 16

god bless little cuz i pray u reach your goal. love u and proud of u

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Good luck reaching your dreams!

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Good luck Rokiatu!

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