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Stephanie's Story

My passion is about helping others overcome health challenges.

I first discovered my passion when my dad was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Every day when he would come home from work, I measured his blood pressure and tried to be gentle as I stuck the needle into his finger. Everyday I would research what my mom should pack him for lunch, and during dinner I would eat the same thing he ate that way he would not feel alone. The hardest part of this, was not being able to see him healthy, because he lost a lot of weight in a short period of time. I would also feel sad because even though I tried my best to make him laugh, I knew deep down inside he was really hurting going through all these needles and medication. This first hand experience of me dealing with someone who is not fully healthy helped me discover that in the future I would like to be a physician. Now my dad still has type 2 diabetes, but he does not have to prick his finger everyday and he can sometimes go off his diet.

My passion will be developed by learning the skills taught at the National Youth Leaders Forum on Medicine. Participating in this intensive program on healthcare and medicine would allow me to actually practice surgeries and practice how I would treat my patients if they were going into surgery. This program will help me by allowing me to gain hands-on experience and will help me learn if I really want to pursue a career in the medical field. By participating in this program I will be more aware of what the medical field has to offer it is what I would eventually like to do for a career.

A Note from Mr. Lifrieri, Stephanie's Teacher

Stephanie has lived in the Bronx for the larger part of her life. She has rarely been outside of the borough and has not met many people, adult or adolescent, from other walks of life. She is bright, an amazing problem solver, and a leader however, she could improve all of those aspects by meeting other students with different interests and abilities.

Campaign Activity
Stephanie posted an update
August 11
Thank you guys!!!

Thanks you guys so much for helping me go to National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine. I had so much fun, this program taught me that I really do want to be a doctor. Attending this program taught me that being a doctor is hard work, but I'm so dedicated to helping people because that's my passion. Once again thank you guys!

My advisory
My advisory
Stephanie posted an update
June 6
Excited for My Medical Program

I am so excited to attend the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine at Hofstra University this year. Ever since I was little I have always had a passion for medicine and helping other people. By attending this program I will learn more about what the medical field is really like. I can't wait to attend my summer program!!!

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May 11

"Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity." ~ Hippocrates
Awesome opportunity, Steph! #STEMMatters #WomenInScience #WishboneSummer

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April 30

I know you will take advantage of this opportunity. Best wishes

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April 27

Inspiration is hard to come by. Once you find your inspiration everything else is a matter of repeated effort. Think of this as a new kindle to keep going!

Jason Leon donated $50
April 20

My little Budder Roll. I am happy to support Steph. She is a great kid and deserves this wonderful opportunity.

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April 18
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