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Phillip & Sala Burton High School
San Francisco, CA
Successfully funded on June 8th, 2015!
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Jazminn's Story

My passion is cheerleading.

This became my passion because I love spirit. I like to scream and get the crowd loud. I love to cheer and be sharp with my team. I just really love to have a smile on my face and to see other people happy and having fun.

I will develop this passion during UCA Cheer Summer Camp because it'll teach me everything I don't know yet about cheering. I think this will be really helpful for me for my years in high school as a cheerleader.

A Note from Ms. Traverso, Jazminn's Teacher

"Jasminn would be a great candidate for UCA cheer camp because she would be able to improve her leadership and stunting skills. At cheer camp, she would be able to lead more of her teammates in a positive way to stay motivated. In stunting, she can improve her skills by becoming a better base to learn more elite stunts."

Campaign Activity
Jazminn posted an update
October 1
My life changing summer at cheer camp

The program I attended was the UCA Cheer Camp. This program offered dance, stunt, cheer, and jump classes. My team and I got to receive and learn more about cheerleading and build a stronger team. We received a variety of sideline cheers and dances to take back home and got private mentoring with a UCA cheer coach. We got to perform all the stuff we learned to the crowd. The UCA staff helped us make our team a stronger bond and developed proficiency in cheerleading. At the UCA Cheer Camp, my team and I got to learn how to become a leader. We stayed there for 4 days, over the course we got to perform cheers/stunts/dances to the UCA staff and about 7 other different schools. Later on, we got ribbons and spirit sticks depending on how well we did. I really enjoyed this UCA Cheer Camp Program, I learned so much about it and it was really enjoyable for me and my team. I felt really inspired and motivated to see the other cheer teams perform. I learned so much about how to become a better team member and other various stuff. Overall, it was a really fun and good experience, I met a lot of new people and got to create a good memory with my team. I would definitely recommend this program to other cheerleaders, I feel like this is a really good program to build a stronger team and become a better and proficient cheerleader. The UCA staff really encourages and motivates you to work harder into achieving your goals.

Jazminn posted an update
June 25
Excited for cheer camp

The program I will be attending is the UCA Cheer Summer Camp. This program will offer the five roles of the cheerleader: crowd leaders, spirit raisers, ambassadors, athletes, and entertainers. It will also help cheerleaders develop their passion and to learn new things about cheerleading. UCA Cheer Camp will also pair a mentor with each cheer team to help the team grow stronger and closer. I chose this program because I wanted to learn and experience more about cheerleading, like how to become a better cheerleader and how to be better in stunting, cheering, and dancing. Sometimes, I have trouble learning new dances or cheers and doing stuff full out, and I would like to fix that. Also, sometimes my team may not cooperate or work together and cause drama; I would like UCA Cheer Camp to bring us closer and being able to work with one another. Most importantly, at UCA Cheer Summer Camp I am looking forward to is to having fun!

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