Martha has applied to attend Academy of Art Summer Pre-College Art Experience this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
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Martha's Story

I am excited about attending the Academy of Art so that I can experience and learn new forms of art. I am also excited about getting to experience the feeling of being in a big city like San Francisco.

My goals are to meet new people and expand my artistic skills. I think this is going to be a challenging experience because it will be very new and there may be concepts that I do not understand, but I will try my best to overcome it by asking questions, asking for additional help, and working hard.

A Note from , Martha's Teacher

Martha would greatly benefit from seeing a new city and being independent. I know she will grow a lot from this experience. She will develop independence, curiosity and eagerness to learn new ideas.

Martha enjoys art and photography, and thrives learning new skills. She has also spoken a great deal about fashion design, but does not have an outlet to try it out, until now. I think attending this program will help her skill development and confidence greatly.

Campaign Activity
Martha posted an update
February 17
My adventure at Academy of Art

My first day at the Academy of Arts was great. I say this because it was like an adventure to me. When I first got there, I felt like it was a new beginning, and time for me to explore the big city of San Francisco for the first time. I really loved it because not only did I get to learn new things, but I also got to learn about fashion design. Taking fashion classes there was fun and it got me really excited to learn new things even if it was just the basics. 

The students in my classroom made me feel welcomed and so did the teachers. The first day went a lot smoother than I thought it would. At the start of class everyone introduced themselves and we were all kind of shy but at the end most of us got close to each other. It was a good experience and I really enjoyed taking fashion classes there. 
My favorite thing to do at the program was my fashion styling class because I got to dress up a model and tell her what to wear. My partner and I got to choose an outfit that was pretty cool and that we both really loved. Out of the fashion classes I really liked this fashion styling one the most because I got to create different types of clothing with a scarf that I got to bring in, and we got to add more accessories to it. I also liked it because I got really close to a friend who made me feel really comfortable.
Another thing that I liked from the program was doing partner work and sharing it out to my other classmates who were also interested in my work. I liked sharing my work because it got me to really see what my classmates thought of my work, like a real critique. I got to hear opinions from my classmates and that helped me fix what I had to do to make them look better.
I would recommend this program because it was a nice experience taking classes in a big city and meeting new people. I would also recommend this program to others because they can enjoy it and meet new people not only from the bay but from everywhere. I would like them to know what I did because it can open up doors to new things in life. 

Martha posted an update
February 17
Thank you

Thank you very much for contributing to my funding and helping me get closer to getting into my program. You’re giving me an opportunity to experience new forms of art at the Academy of Art Institution. I’m grateful to your help because now I’m closer to reaching my goal of attending the program of my choice.

Success! Martha's campaign raised $750
February 17
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February 17
Karyn Bovino donated $25
February 3

Hi Martha , I too have always been interested in the arts! I wish you well in your new endeavor! Karyn

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