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Bloomfield, CT
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Sadayah's Story

My passion is forensic science.

To this day, I can still remember sitting on the couch in my living room with my eyes drawn to the TV screen, watching the TV show, NCIS. I was only eight but I was so mesmerized by the characters in the show working in the labs and on the crime scenes discovering and investigating crimes, that I knew that becoming a Forensic Scientist is what I wanted to do when I became older. I became more passionate through the years, as I started reading books like the Theodore Boone series, where I realized I wanted to not only set my goal to become a Forensic Scientist but also incorporate my other passion of Law into my dream occupation. Forensic Science is what caught my mind when I was younger and still continues to as I set my heart out to fulfill my goal.

A Note from Mrs. Rowe, Sadayah's Teacher

Sadayah is self-aware and confident with herself as an individual - she is not afraid to take risks in order to grow. She is inquisitive and an active participant in her learning. In class, she is always making personal connections and seeking deeper meaning. She appreciates being challenged and seeks the intellectual stimulation of others without the social pressures that high school often brings. Sadayah wants to learn. The New Haven CSI Academy will offer her opportunities she does not have access to without the support of others who believe in her demonstrated commitment to academic excellence.

Campaign Activity
Sadayah posted an update
September 8
My Experience At UNH CSI Academy

Overall, my experience at the UNH CSI Academy was enjoyable! The program consisted of many lectures and a few labs which gave me a really nice feel for what college classes will be like. I learned about crime scene investigations, most importantly what occurs before, during, and after them, how to get into the forensic science field, and what jobs you can get with this type of major. On the last day of my program, we went into our own "crime scene" and investigated the scene by analyzing evidence, blood spatter, and fingerprints which are labs we did throughout the week. After experiencing the program, I feel as though it was well worth learning all about these things and it guided me into a new direction for what I would like to major in. I appreciate all my donors for making this happen for me because with out, I wouldn't have been able to experience this!

Sadayah posted an update
May 3
Summer Program 2017

This summer I will be attending the University of New Haven's CSI Academy thanks to your support! I've always been interested in forensic science and forensic psychology so this program will help me to gain knowledge and hands on instruction from one of the top forensic schools. I am truly excited to attend the program so that I can get preparation for college but also to learn more about myself as a student. This experience will allow me to interact with students and professors that are interested in the same field as me. I appreciate all the support and generosity in helping me get the opportunity to attend the CSI Academy!

Success! Mrs. Rowe helped Sadayah raise $600
April 5
Geoffrey Luxenberg donated $101
April 5

I wanted to help because Yolanda is like family to me and therefore so are you!

Maria Cruz donated $100
April 5

It is never what we can do for ourselves but always what can we do for others that fulfills our souls!! You go and make us all proud!!

Bernadette Brown donated $25
April 5

Congratulations Sadayah! Please continue to strive for excellence. I am so very proud of you.

Lorna Colucci donated $100
April 3

Mrs. Rowe was my very best friend in high school! She is a force of nature and her faith in you is testament to what you possess inside of you. "...endeavor to live the life which you have imagined..."

Harvey Hampton donated $100
March 31
Alice Barreto donated $50
March 30

As an Educator I love your enthusiasm to learn & pursue your goals. You have an amazing mom & grandmother who are great models
for you. I know they are extremely proud of you. Keep working hard!
God has you!

Heysha Whittaker donated $25
March 30

Continue to strive for better and reach for the stars. Your path is where you take it very proud of you and everything you have accomplished.

Student Contribution donated $99
March 30
Mrs. Rowe started this campaign
March 30
Sadayah was accepted into Wishbone!
February 1