Emmanuel has applied to attend National Computer Camp at Fairfield University this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Technology & Engineering
Foote School
New Haven, CT
Successfully funded on May 8th, 2017!
Fully funded!
$1,195 raised
$0 to go
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Emmanuel's Story

My passion is game design.

My passion in game design comes from me really playing video games. I have always liked to play video games and wondered what it would be like to create one. This program will help me by providing me with the right tools to help me with my passion for game design. It also allows me to use my creativity in a useful way.

A Note from Ms. Theodore, Emmanuel's Teacher

Emmanuel is a tech-savvy child who uses his passion and talent to serve our community. He volunteers weekly for 2-4 on Sunday to run the tech support for our fifth and sixth grade classroom at church. This is no small feat. Our room has its own pro-presenter system along with screens, lights, audio and music. It is high-tech and involved. Hands down, Emmanuel is our best teen there. He is on time, pays attention to what is going on in the service and has things running for us. To do this with no adult supervision is amazing at his age.

Campaign Activity
Success! Ms. Theodore helped Emmanuel raise $1,195
May 8
Wishbone General Fund donated $1,100
May 8
Titi Clari Diaz donated $20
April 18

Have a great time! You will do great in this program!!

Rosalyn Diaz donated $25
April 10

Have Fun Emmy! Keep up the good work!!

Lucy Flynn donated $50
April 9

Keep up all the hard work

Ms. Theodore started this campaign
March 30
Emmanuel was accepted into Wishbone!
February 1