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New York, NY
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Ashly's Story

My passion is nursing.

Every time that I would go to the clinic and have to get a check up, I would be so amazed by everything that doctors would do: checking my heart beat, checking my pressure, finding the solution to any sickness that I had. Watching nurses do all of those things would amaze me. I wanted to know what's the background behind everything that they do.

I believe that attending NSLC Nursing will help me pursue the passion that I have for nursing because it will be like opening the doors to answers. It would also give me a little background of what I want to study in college and whether I enjoy it.

A Note from Ms. MacNeil, Ashly's Teacher

Ashly is determined and hard working. She has long been interested in STEM projects. To date, this is the first extended summer program in which she will have been involved with. I believe that as a first generation college student, she will benefit for exposure to and participation in a program that gives her a glimpse at multiple facets of nursing.

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Ashly posted an update
July 19
My 9-day Experience

My 9-day experience at Yale was amazing. It was about having more passion towards what my future career will be, meeting new people but also growing as a person. I learned anout everything that I would question whenever I would go ro the clinic. I learned how to take blood pressure, check a persons pulse, give an IV and even became CPR certified. It was all nerve racking at first since it was all hands on but it was fun and I truly enjoyed it. Going to the Yale Nursing school I was in different simulations, including going to an urban farm. Not only did I grow more passion towards Nursing in the future but also I learned about leadership and what it takes to be a leader. I left the program being a totally different person. I see things differently now and somehow connect my leadership ways of being to any situation that I am in. Once in a while I decide to check people's pulse and I never fail to say that I learned it all in the 9 days I was at Yale. I also found out that there are different types of nurses that I don't know which one I want to study. The passion grew in just 9 days and I truly can't wait for what my future holds in Nursing. Lastly, thank you to all who donated because without you my passion wouldn't be so strong as it is now and I wouldn't be the person I am today. Thank you all!

Here I am in the Yale School of Nursing sign with my amazing group of faboulous friends.
Here I am in the Yale School of Nursing sign with my amazing group of faboulous friends.
Ashly posted an update
May 2
NSLC Nursing Program

I will be attending the NSLC Nursing Program at Yale University for a week. I am really looking forward to the new things that I will be learning because I have so many questions. Since I was little I have always been curious about nurses and how they know when my pressure is high or how to take out blood. I honestly feel like this is a once in a lifetime opportunity because it will answer my many questions. I think this program will help me decide if Nursing is what I want to major in when I go to college.

I am ready to see all the materials and new learning that I will be utilizing. This all feels like a dream come true and I am totally excited for the learning experience. I do know that I want to major somewhere in the medical field and I believe that nursing will be the final decision at the end with the knowledge that I will receive in the nursing program this summer.

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