Arely has applied to attend Washington University in St. Louis Global Leadership Institute this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
MSTMA @ Roosevelt High School
Los Angeles, California
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Arely's Story

My passion is law. Ever since the 5th grade, I've had a passion to pursue a career in law. At the age of 9, I took part in a Mock Trail competition with my elementary school. We traveled to Downtown LA Courthouse to face other schools. It was here that I began learning about the law system and what roles attorneys play in court. It was a very enjoyable experience which allowed me to challenge myself and learn how to perform like a true lawyer.

Attending Washington University Global Leadership Institute will help me come out of my comfort zone and try new things, especially since it's far from home. This program will also help me become a stronger more independent young lady, which are great traits to start developing for a future lawyer. I feel like this program would also help me develop good communication, fast critical thinking skills along with how to work better with new acquaintances.

A Note from Mrs. Morris, Arely's Mentor

Arely is a good candidate for Washinton University in St. Louis Global Leadership Institute because she is a budding leader. She will benefit from building relationships with a new community and learning what leadership looks like at different levels.

As a 9th grade scholar in College Track, Arely was placed into our Passion Project workshop where she was tasked with identifying an issue in her community and creating change. Arely shared that she was passionate about helping youth find new ways to de-stress. With a partner, she created a day for her peers to take part in unique activities should as yoga and DIY stress balls.

Campaign Activity
Arely posted an update
July 11

Getting ready for WASHU Global Leadership Institute was very easy. I set up my fight with my mentor, as well as my transportation to and from the campus. Packing List was given on the Summer Experiences website. Wishbone was very helpful and quick when it came to responding to any of the questions my mom and I had.

Airplane Ticket to WUSTL
Airplane Ticket to WUSTL
Success! Mrs. Morris helped Arely raise $4,485
April 25
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December 22