Imani has applied to attend FIT High School Summer Live this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Brooklyn High School for Law & Technology
Brooklyn, NY
Successfully funded on May 26th, 2015!
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Imani's Story

My passion is fashion and design..

As a young child, I was always been interested in anything related to fashion. Fascinated by different patterns and textures, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career as a fashion designer, but I soon found out that something in the background was more for me. So, I began looking into things such as fashion styling or even fashion marketing. My aunt sparked my interest even further. She was and still is one of my role models. From her, I became inspired to learn new things on my own.

Attending FIT High School Summer Live will help me develop my passion because it will allow me a closer look inside the fashion industry and the background work that goes into make everything happen. I want to experience the classes before I make the decision to turn it into a career. This program will give me a head start.

A Note from Ms. Brenord, Imani's Teacher

"Imani is one of the best, most persistent, passionate, ambitious, mature students I have ever had. Imani shows exemplary work at all times. I have used Imani on many occasions to teach the class and other students. Imani always wants to get the best grade, never satisfied with anything other than an A.

Imani is absolutely a great fit for FIT High School Summer Live. As an ambitious student, she is passionate and very serious about her work."

Campaign Activity
Imani posted an update
June 23
It Is Almost Time!!

20 more days until my first day at FIT, to say I am nervous us an understatement. But, I am confident in myself and excited to have such an opportunity. From this program, I am hoping to gain skills that will benefit me way outside of the FIT classroom and the fashion industry: skills that would help build on my strength and my weaknesses, skills that would make it easier to put myself out there and try things that I would normally never try.

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May 26
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May 26

I know you will do well in F.I.T. Stay focused and open to this new experience.

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Never stop believing in yourself.

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April 27
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