Tydeah has applied to attend UConn Pre-College Summer Program this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Liberal Arts
HPHS Academy of Nursing & Health Sciences
Hartford, Connecticut
Successfully funded on April 19th, 2018!
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Tydeah's Story

My passion is nursing.
I discovered my passion for nursing when I watched my older cousin give birth two years ago. Witnessing that made me really want to be a nurse because of how efficient and interesting their work was. I like to see the happiness of the mother’s face when the baby is finally here, and telling them that everything will be alright. I would also like to be the person to tell when she's having contractions, when she's dilated and other important things that happen when a woman is in labor.

Attending UConn Pre-College Summer Program would really help me figure out if this is the path that I want to enter and continue in the future. I would enjoy learning more about this field, as well as being able to experience the medical field first hand. I am also really excited about being able to stay in a dorm during my program, as well as being on a college campus.

A Note from Mrs. DeBernardo, Tydeah's Teacher

By attending UConn Pre-College Summer Program, Tydeah will return next school year with a new perspective on life. I am so excited to see the transformation. I can see great potential in this student. I want to see that she gets every possible positive opportunity to grow her greatness!!

Campaign Activity
Tydeah posted an update
June 27
UConn summer program

I’m at very excited to go to my UCONN pre-summer program . This is literally the only thing I think about every single day . I am going to feel like a real college student and be able to really experience something different . Being nervous is something that I will probably have untill I get there , but for the most part and I can really say this is going to be the best experience through high school .

Success! Mrs. DeBernardo helped Tydeah raise $1,950
April 19
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April 19

Congratulations on reaching your goal! The Dalio Foundation is proud to provide support as you discover your passions and pursue your dreams.

Jose Feliz donated $25
April 15

A pleasure to help a future nurse.

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Linda McGruder donated $25
April 11

I love you and are so very proud of you!!!!!

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University of Connecticut
University of Connecticut donated $100
April 11
Stacey McCann donated $200
April 8

Madison and I are SUPER PROUD of you!! Continue to strive for excellence & follow your passion.. Love ya Cuzzo.

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Maria Loitz donated $50
April 5

Follow your dreams, Tydeah!

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Application Excellence Award from a Wishbone Sponsor donated $310
March 28

Your application essays were very thoughtful!

Tanya DeBernardo donated $25
March 22

Oh! The Places You'll Go! I can't wait to see...

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Emily Brancati donated $25
March 21

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University of Connecticut
University of Connecticut donated $400
March 21
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March 21
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March 21
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February 2