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Technology & Engineering
Oakland Technical High School
Oakland, California
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Annette's Story

My passion is technology. Ever since I was little I've always been interested in technology. Growing up, technology became more and more prominent in our everyday lives. Because we live in such a technology-driven generation, it made me more curious as to what all this technology people were using really was and what was behind it. I later learned that women in the Computer Science Industry are very underrepresented and I wanted to change that. I decided to join Girls Who Code, the Computer Academy at my high school, and recently an internship at TechHive. At TechHive is where my interests peaked. I worked with a team to code and design robots that interact with public audiences. This gave me an insight to the potential I have and the many possibilities I can accomplish using my creativity and knowledge of computer science to turn my ideas into a reality.

Attending iD Tech Camps will help me pursue my passion for coding by giving me the experience I need to improve my skills and gain more knowledge in this industry. I want to learn about the different types of computer languages and what they are used for. I want to use this knowledge to create innovation that will hopefully help me achieve my goal of changing and positively impacting the world. Additionally, because my program is located at UC Berkeley, I would love to have the experience of living in a dorm and the life of a college student as a Computer Science major. Attending this program, I would be surrounded by students who share the same passions as me and together we can collectively explore, grow, and connect with each other in this thriving industry.

A Note from Ms. Talley, Annette's Teacher

Annette doesn't have access to 3D printing at Oakland Tech at this time. Her interest will be greatly served by this program. Our school is a very diverse, inner city school, often struggling for resources. Annette would need to find an opportunity like Wishbone to access resources that would allow her to pursue learning about 3D printing.

Campaign Activity
Annette posted an update
August 30
Thank you

Dear Sponsors,

Thank you so much for supporting me to go to this summer program. I am deeply grateful for this experience and I have learned so much. I hope to use the knowledge I have learned and apply it to future projects and pursue a career in Tech. The world of tech is very intimidating, but it is rapidly changing. As a women pursuing a career in Tech, I hope to represent, make you all proud, and add on to the growing diversity of this industry.

Thank you so much for your support, I wouldn't be where I am right now without it.

Annette posted an update
May 4
Getting Ready for the Summer!

I am writing to update about my summer plans. I am officially going to iD Tech Camps at UC Berkeley for the course of Robotics Engineering and Coding Lab with VEX! I want to thank everyone who helped me achieve my goal and fund me for this amazing opportunity. I am super excited to attend and learn more about coding and robots. I have never stayed at a college dorm so this will be a new experience for me and I hope to experience campus life at UC Berkeley. I am so grateful for everyone who have helped me and I hope to have a great experience full of knowledge, friendships, and growth.
Thank you,

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March 26
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March 26

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