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Uncommon Charter High School
Brooklyn, NY
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Lyric's Story

My passion is cooking.

Cooking became my passion at a very young age thanks to both my grandmothers. When I was younger, and living with my mom’s parents, my grandmother was always in the kitchen (and to this day still is). I would usually go in the kitchen, ask her if I could help her, and of course she would let me. She'd allow me to do little tasks, such as beat the eggs or mix the ingredients. Over time, I began to develop a strong passion and love for cooking.

Once I moved from North Carolina to New York, I began to cook a lot more with my grandmother from my dad’s side. At this age, I go to her house during the weekend and look up new recipes that we want to try. We go to the store together and then cook up amazing meals. Now, she has me cook some of the recipes by myself, and they come out great. Because of this, my passion for cooking has continued to grow.

Attending the Culinary Cooking Camp for Teens will help me develop my cooking skills even more. I’ll be exposed to the real world of cooking, surrounded by actual chefs who cook for a living. Being able to learn new skills, like knife skills, searing, roasting, braising, sauteing, will help me become a better chef.

A Note from Ms. Doshi, Lyric's Teacher

Lyric would be a wonderful addition to any program at Wishbone due to her pleasant and mature demeanor, as well as her ability to juggle multiple responsibilities. I think she is one of the most well-adjusted and happy students I have worked with and would do well at a program away from home. She consistently works hard in class as well as manages her time outside of school as part of the JV basketball team. I have no doubt that she will work well with others in the program and give her best effort to do her work with precision and excellence.

Lyric would benefit dramatically from meeting students from different places, which would expand her horizons beyond Brooklyn. It would also be a wonderful experience for her to find a "passion" in her life as she navigates through her final years in high school."

Lyric has more of a worldview than many of her peers. She knows that her high school is small -- there is a whole world out there to explore and she is eager to do just that. Lyric will learn new skills and terminology, meet new people, and build a list of resources that she may refer to as she begins her journey into the culinary world.

Campaign Activity
Lyric posted an update
October 1
The best culinary experience this summer

First off, I just want to thank you so much for your donations! You guys don't understand how much it meant to me that there were people out there willing to help me pursue my passion. Getting to work in that kitchen was the best five days of my life! I've learned so many things and was exposed to so much during the camp, I even made my very own steak for the first time (not to mention ate my very first steak). To this day, I still use the techniques I've learned from the culinary programs, like now before I make french fries I boil them a bit and then put them in already heated oil so the inside is extra soft with a crispy outside! Im always so excited when I get the chance to show off my new kitchen tool set also! This experience was once in a life time and I hope I will get another opportunity this great in the future!

Lyric posted an update
June 25
Excited for Culinary Cooking Camp!

I am very excited about attending the Culinary Cooking Camp for teens because I believe that having this experience is going to help me learn and try new things in the kitchen and outside of my comfort zone. Also, being able to work with actual chefs is going to be like a dream come true. At the same time, I'm a bit nervous because I have no idea what to expect. I think this program will impact me very positively because it will open my eyes to the culinary world even more than before and make my passion for cooking even stronger. I can't wait!

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