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Daishly's Story

My passion is helping out the environment.

I was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to the U.S when I was four. The environment where I lived was no where near as close to the environment in NYC. In my birth town, there were trees everywhere. Here in NYC there is none of that in neighborhood. The city is polluted with skyscrapers and the fumes of hundreds of cars. Over the years, I went back to my birth hometown and I realized how beautiful my community was. This made me committed to make sure that the community I live in today can be as beautiful as the one in Dominican Republic.

Attending Brown’s Environmental Leadership Lab (BELL) program will help me achieve my goal of making this country’s ecosystem healthy. Participating in this program will improve my knowledge of alternative energy technologies and solutions that can be implemented in my community. I will be able to expand my understanding on which resources my community should take advantage of and which ones they should stop using.

A Note from Ms. Hart, Daishly's Teacher

"Daishly is a talented science student and consistently earns some of the highest scores on class assessments. More importantly than her scores, Daishly has a curiosity and drive to understand science. Her experiences traveling between the Dominican Republic and NYC have opened her eyes to differing climates, but I know she would benefit greatly from an even greater perspective that can be achieved during this summer program. Daishly is also a budding leader and being surrounded by like-minded students will encourage her personal development."

Campaign Activity
Daishly posted an update
August 29
My amazing experience at Brown Environmental Leadership Lab

Attending this program was a life changing experience. I grew up in the city, so of course I am a city girl. I usually dislike all types of bugs and hate to get dirty. So, deciding to attend this program was a big step out of my comfort zone. My motivation for this journey was the fact that I knew I had to challenge myself and push my limits because it will be the only way I will be able to make a difference.

At this program, I learned about so many things that I thought I knew before but never really put much thought into. Whether it was how much of a difference eating white meat instead of red meat can be towards reducing carbon emissions to exploring that being a leader doesn't have just one set of expected behavior. This experience really opened my eyes to how much I am capable of and I will take advantage of my new knowledge and share it as much as I can with my community.

Enjoying the beautiful bay Breeze of Bristol, Rhode Island
Enjoying the beautiful bay Breeze of Bristol, Rhode Island
Fellow members of the Backwoods Tent Family at BELL
Fellow members of the Backwoods Tent Family at BELL
Daishly posted an update
June 8
Thank you for your support!

I'm so grateful for every donation made. I want to let every supporter know that with your donation I will be able to embark my journey on changing the rarity of women in science. Please don't forget to share with friends, family, and even on social media because every effort counts!!

Success! Ms. Hart helped Daishly raise $4,136
May 6
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May 6
Jeffrey Li donated $250
May 6

Daishly, we are so proud of your desire to change our world and your place within it. It is an honor to be a part of your journey.

Glenn Davis donated $100
May 6

You go girl! Make all our neighborhoods environmentally safer! Wish you the best.

Heather Foley donated $10
May 6

Congrats! Infinity is very proud of you :)

Caitlin Emery donated $25
May 5

What an amazing opportunity! So excited for and proud of you, Daishly :o)

Allison Willis Holley donated $25
May 5

So proud of you Daishly!!!

May 2

I am very proud of you and your accomplishments past, present and future. Keep taking advantage of these amazing opportunities! #STEMMatters #WomenInScience

#wishbonesummer donated $100
April 26
Anonymous donated $50
April 20

Keep up the great work! It will all pay off

Alquidania Rocha donated $25
April 16

Go chase your dreams and never stop trying!!!!!

Jason Leon donated $50
April 15

Happy to help you with this wonderful experience. Go share your greatness with others.

Mitch Brenner donated $250
April 13

Go show the world what you can do :)

Orla Dundas donated $25
April 12
Lauren Rosenstein donated $50
April 12
Emily Hart donated $50
April 12

So excited to teach such a talented young woman inside and outside of the classroom!

Sam Routhier donated $25
April 12

You are a special student Daishly. It was a joy teaching you and I am so excited to see you growing your passions.

Adria Ross donated $50
April 12

Daishly is an outstanding student and her commitment to academic achievement should be rewarded. Good luck Daishly. #msross

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April 6
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April 6
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April 6
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February 1