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Skyline High School
Oakland, California
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Adrian's Story

I discovered my passion for Architecture by playing video games that had great looking structures and I was curious how these structures were being made. For example I played Minecraft with my friends and I have seen really cool creations of many being built. I even built a city with my friend because we wanted to show our skills of our own to others. My goal is to turn these structures to reality and create a better looking universe.

Attending emARC Design Academy will help me pursue my passion for Architecture by learning more about Architecture in general. Also, it will help me understand environmental improvements that have to be done in order to have a better and safe future. Another thing that this program will help me is by being involved in physical activities outside in the real world to make a change. Finally, I will learn so much about architecture that it will be possible for me to do something related to architecture later in the future.

A Note from Mr. Usrey, Adrian's Teacher

Adrian is an excellent candidate for embARC Design Academy for many reasons. First and foremost he is a passionate and driven student who finds ways to learn and grow in and out of structured learning environments. Adrian takes part in his own education, holds himself to high standards, and finds unique ways to relate class topics and concepts to his own life and interests. He is and active and inquisitive learner, and seeks out the knowledge that he needs in order to find the success that he strives to achieve. A second reason why Adrian should be considered for embARC Design Academy is that he has an excellent work ethic, and impressive follow-through for a student of any age. The work that he does, and the effort with which he does it is inspiring to both his teachers and his peers. Congratulating his hard work and follow-through with the reward of taking part in embARC Design Academy will speak volumes to the value of hard work, engenuity, commitment, and integrity.

Campaign Activity
Adrian posted an update
August 30
embARC Experience

After attending embARC Summer Design Academy, I learned new skills on how to be creative, plan, weld, use Rhino, Photoshop and read college-level texts. I also had the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world which was something to think back to. My favorite part of the program was the shop where I luckily got chosen for the welding part of the project. The project was to create shelves for the UC Berkely Food Pantry. I realized that architecture isn't really my interest and I enjoy more hands-on work such as what I experienced in the shop class that I took. Overall this program taught new skills that I didn't have before in which I could apply later in life. I am really grateful for this special opportunity and without anybody's support, I wouldn't have the chance to take this course. Thank you for everyone's support. I really appreciate it.

Adrian posted an update
June 1
Attending embARC Summer Design Academy

I can't wait to attend the emBARC summer program. A couple weeks ago, I finished my AP World History exam, which was okay because even though it was challenging for me, I still tried my best. I am now preparing for finals for next week, which I am nervous for, but at the same time I feel confident that I would do great. My goal by the end of the year is to end up with a 4.0 GPA. My next step in high school is to move forward into junior year, which is surprising because high school is going by so fast. I really look forward to spending my summer in emBARC.

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April 25
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April 19

Good job!

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April 13

Yay, Adrian!! So proud of you. Go for it! Reach for your dreams.

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April 13

I’m so proud of you my handsome sobrino keep up the good work !! Love Tía :)

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April 13
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April 12

Good job Adrian!!!

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Keep it up

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Good job Adrian!!! I am proud of you and keep up the excellent work you are doing in school.

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April 11
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Adrian, keep aiming high!

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