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Shivani's Story

I first learned that I had a passion for medicine my freshman year of high school when my grandmother was admitted to the hospital on numerous occasions. She had serious heart problems, and over the span of three weeks she underwent two emergency surgeries. As her condition worsened, I wondered what I could do to help her recover. I would ask the doctor questions about medications and express my concerns, but also found myself asking questions about the science behind her answers.

Attending Stanford Clinical Anatomy Summer Program (CASP) will allow me to gain hands-on experience with higher level lessons while applying what I have learned from my previous science classes. Participating in CASP will give me a glimpse of the medical field, and will give me the confidence and information I need to make medicine a part of my career. I will be able to attain skills and knowledge that only hands-on experience is able to provide. I hope to gain a stronger foundation in medicine, ultimately furthering my goal of becoming a physician.

A Note from Ms. Solebo, Shivani's Teacher

I believe that Shivani is a fantastic candidate for the Stanford Clinical Anatomy Summer Program (CASP) because she has a genuine interest in increasing her knowledge about the sciences and health professions. She wants to attend not only because it is challenging, but also because she has an unadulterated desire to help people. She has an undeterred love for science and the motivation to continue to find resources to aid her in her journey. She will be a huge value add to this program, and will come back stronger as a student.

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May 9
Clinical Anatomy Summer Program (CASP) at Stanford University

I am going to be participating in Clinical Anatomy Summer Program (CASP) at Stanford. I am really excited to join the program because it will allow me to get a head start in the medical field. In school, there aren't many opportunities that allow me to gain important knowledge about future jobs and the requirements needed to become a doctor. This is a great opportunity for me to learn in detail about the human body and the medical skills necessary to perform well.

Attending CASP will allow me to challenge myself to learn more about the medical field. By observing surgical procedures performed on un-embalmed cadaveric tissue, I will be able to learn about the treatment of human specimens, and ultimately apply the material I have learned in class. I hope to gain exposure to numerous doctors with different specialties, which will help me expand my network and gain professional insight on surgical procedures and medical careers.

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April 10
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You do great things in Biology, at LPS, and everyday in life. You deserve this and this program would be lucky to have you.

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I'm proud of you! Let's get you to Stanford!

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Get it Shivani!

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Hope you achieve all of your dreams! Good luck!

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Love you lots Shivani!

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Hope you achieve all which you hope to achieve. God bless

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You go girl!

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You got this!

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You deserve all the support for what you set your mind to do.

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Get it girl!

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I know what this truly means to you and hope you enjoy every moment of it.

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