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Phillip and Sala Burton High School
Successfully funded on June 2nd, 2016!
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Danielle's Story

My passion is Cheerleading.

At first, I discovered this passion I have for cheerleading by getting inspired by it on a movie or tv show. I would always think cheerleading was really fun and something I've always wanted to try. In middle school my friends and I planned on trying out for cheer in high school. When we were finally in 9th grade, there was JV tryouts and I was about to try out but I've just been too nervous to try out. They were encouraging me too, and I've been supporting them with it. But later on in the year it was Varsity tryouts and my friends all encouraged me to tryout because it's something that's really motivating them, and ever since tryouts cheer has always been a passion .

I think attending UCA cheer summer camp will help me explore my passion because I get to know more things and different types of stunts for cheer. It will help me improve more with cheering, being sharp, being loud, being tight in stunts, and how to stunt better. It'll help me realize how cheer really is. I wanna learn new things in cheerleading and I can ask others for help on stunts. I can also help other groups in stunts. It will help me become more fit and get better at cheerleading .

A Note from Ms. Milton, Danielle's Coach

Danielle is one of my most committed cheerleaders I have on my squad. She is always onetime to practice and I believe its all because of her passion in cheerleading. Danielle explore her passion of cheerleading by pushing through everything we practice either its stunts or just going over cheers she always make sure she have it down before moving on. Due to her passion of cheerleading Danielle sometimes stay after practice to finish learning the new material I taught during that practice.

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