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Angel's Story

My passion is cooking.

This has been my passion for quite a long time. One major reason is because I love food. I am always willing to try new things. I don't cook that often and don't know a lot of recipes, but I know a few, and I want to learn more. When I was little, I would always help my Grandma cook and watch over her shoulder as she made things. When I finally became old enough to try it on my own, I wasted no time. Whenever there was a cooking club offered to me, I took it, and this is another great chance.

By attending Sprouts Cooking Club, I will learn a lot of new things. I want to be able to expand my knowledge of nutrition and health. Being in this program will draw me closer to cooking. Being around people who love cooking just like me, and are willing to teach me new things would be a great feeling. Most importantly, walking away from this program with the new information and experience, I will really know if it is right or not for me.

A Note from Ms. Nishimura, Angel's Teacher

"Angel has been interested in cooking and culinary arts since day one. She truly believes in the joy of cooking, the social power of sharing a meal with others, and genuinely wants to learn more. With this hands-on experience as a chef, Angel will be able to truly embody and embrace her passions. She is a sponge - Angel will take in massive amounts of information and experiences and take them with her to further herself. Sprouts Cooking Club is an ideal environment for Angel to explore her interests in the culinary world, build upon and expand her worldview of what is possible as a career, and be a role model for others in her community."

Campaign Activity
Angel posted an update
September 18
My Summer at Sprouts Cooking Club

Spending my summer at Sprouts Cooking Club was a fun experience. When I first showed up, I was surprised by all of the younger kids that I saw. This allowed me to become a junior counselor and help out while also learning new things. I got to go to different restaurants and see how they made their food. I learned a lot of new, healthy food choices. A valuable lesson I learned is how to work with people. The Sprouts Cooking Club counselors encouraged me to try new things.

Angel posted an update
June 22
Excited for Sprouts Cooking Club

The program that I am attending is The Sprouts Cooking Club. It's a program where you explore and learn to make healthy, delicious dishes. You also go on many field trips such as restaurants and food markets. I chose this program because I love cooking. I don't cook that much, but I want to have more experience and learn new recipes. It's important to me that what I eat is both tasty and good for me. In my kitchen, I am always trying to explore and think of creative meals to cook. Being in this program, I will be drawn closer to cooking and have more experience. It will also give me a chance to find out if I would want to do this as a career in my future. This is very important to me because I want to find out exactly what I am interested in and what I would be good at.

I am most looking forward to making food and tasting it. I also look forward to meeting new people. Since I will be surrounded by people who are interested in the same thing as me, it will all be a great experience. Going on field trips will also be an excitement for me. I’m looking forward to going to restaurants and learning how they do certain things. Overall, this whole one week experience will benefit me a lot. I get to do something I love, meet new people, and take the new things that I learn home to my family.

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